Welcome again to the channel, of YouTube this occasion has revision as you see the company is ECHO VAPE the revision this we make it thanks to SinHumo Seville SinHumo Seville to vary, instead of sending 3 or 4 flavors, they send the whole range.

.. now it is but wide, the range of ECHO VAPE, you have but flavors… and this mark… this mark and this way same you don’t know it, but they are the makers of this eliquid… very well-known… the bottle this, was very good.

.. but there is no longer… then this mark is ECHO VAPE, he/she is a maker from England… it is a mark that has, what waited… the range of products almost all are creamy… if you like creams, you will enjoy with this range of products, as I have made it me.

.. although they also have some less good ones… to speak of a mark ” X ” and that all their products are good… there is not her… All have good and less good products… in this case, we have proven 21 different aromas.

.. they had to be 22, but this that is here estede… this they sent it 2 times… it is it… when sending so many flavors… it can happen that they send one erroneously… then, this it is sealed…

and as the rest it will be given… to that percentage has been made, to 20% of all 2 ml has been used it is what the maker recommends and it is it we made 20% of each one of them… as they are… very good.

.. I have separated them in the two sections, because they are many flavors to revise… very different flavors, some better ones that others… some don’t contribute anything… good all this is given by SinHumo Seville.

.. to think that… they leave them to me to my to prove them but all this, later it will be drawn among the users of the channel… it is worth, after the revisions, it is necessary to make the raffle of all this.

.. as Miguel Angel said in YouTube, I comment in a previous revision… to give the whole package to a single person… to be a little… to be complicated making so many raffles or after the raffles to contact the winners.

.. then, in the place of that… I said of making a single raffle… Miguel Angel, was very guessed right and he said that it didn’t seem him/her well… he/she is appreciated the sincerity of the comments mainly.

.. and that he/she preferred that they were a raffle for 4 winners, it is worth, then, we will distribute twelve bottles for each one and that he/she preferred, Miguel Angel that you/they were but winners.

.. at least 4 to be taken 12 each one… 48 bottles, it is a lot of quantity for a single winner… then, like Miguel Angel said, we will make 4 winners to distribute the 48 bottles among them… that they are varied.

.. because this the mark ECHO VAPE… SinHumo sends us, ECHO VAPE, VIRUS VAPE, SUPERVAPE AND VAP FIP… he/she gave us 4 marks and what we plow is to mix the gift, so that each winner is taken… some products of each one of them.

.. let us pass to the revision, we will begin first with that of vanilla that we have it in this corner… to that knows me the vanilla… the vanilla… I have it pointed because they are many to revise.

.. and to have to prove here, one by one, before you… they are very different the some of the other ones… tendriams that to change many times of cotton… it is necessary to make it with a lot of time.

.. they are 21 different flavors… the vanilla tastes me like a creamy but very soft vanilla… it is simply a vanilla… it doesn’t contribute anything… it is normal to find aromas of this type… good, it is a vanilla, anything but.

.. the following one, Cherry Menthol… they are some cherries mentoladas, fresh… but when taking menthol, he/she hoped it was very intense… it is not intense, the mint… it is a sweet flavor to cherries with a touch of coolness.

.. it is very well balanced, I have liked it a lot… following, Peach and Cream it is a flavor that surprises… I have spoken to it with many partners… because usually, the melocotonos… they finish being very artificial.

.. they don’t leave you the flavor of the peach, really, all that you/they are flavors… he/she costs a lot to find a peach that is very since this it is mature and at the same time creamy… I would say that so far.

.. it is the best peach that I have proven… as you see, I have proven it enough, in tank and in I deposit… pardon, in tank and in I tie of dripping and I have liked a lot… now I don’t remember with who spoke to prepare a recipe.

.. to prepare an it clones… and we didn’t find the perfect peach… because I believe that this… go, the messages already begin… what said… the peaches are almost always flavors but artificial not so real.

.. the peach crerma this very guessed right one and it is a very real flavor… he/she leaves me a sensation of mature peach that I have liked a lot… most of the peaches that I have proven have been very.

.. not you… normal, they have not contributed me anything… but this I have liked it a lot… following that have proven… Pink Lemonade… I find that it is a lemonade… or with strawberries or with watermelons or with raspberries.

.. you not to distinguish that it takes but this very rich one… other also that I have drunk it to me… I don’t know if you leave as this the bottle… other also that I have drunk it to me… it is a lemonade, it feels very well the flavor of the lemon.

.. kind of a soft lemon with a point of strawberries… or raspberries… not you which fruit is, but I have liked it a lot… Pink Lemonade, this very well… Blackcurrant, is the type… but I find that this flavor.

.. That the bitter flavor that characterizes it is less aggressive than for example the same flavor of the mark TPA / TFA… this, is but soft… as the whole range of products it is creamy and it is but soft.

.. it is but soft that other Blackcurrant that I have proven of other marks… TPA / TFA, Capella… Blackcurrant usually uses it to give some bitterness to the recipes and east is but soft… following that have proven.

.. Plum & Mazapam… I ignore that it is… I thought it will be a mazapam… they are English… I suppose that the mazapam that we have in Spain is not the same thing that they use… then to that knows this.

.. sincerely I don’t know it, it is kind of a mass of sweet cake or cake… but I don’t know it… it is a mass of sweet and very pleasant cake… but I ignore with which to compare it… following, Banana.

.. it is not the typical banana… it is a banana with cream… but he/she has the one added of being identical to a banana gominola the yellow ones that we see in the stores of candies… it is a banana with cream very, but that very pleasant.

.. I have loved it… following, Cherry Line… a flavor that has disappointed me… because? because he/she waited that it was the flavor of the drink… I have proven of the mark Coca-Cola the drink of Cherry.

.. and the flavor of this flavor, doesn’t look like each other in anything or I lower my palate he/she doesn’t look like each other… it is worth, it is a sweet cherry… and little thing more, I don’t see him/her flavor to Cherry Coke.

. following Custard Cake it is very rich, it is kind of a milk shake, with cookie and cake… you not to only take out them an a quality but I like the combination a lot… a flavor to use looking for to add the flavor from a cake to the recipes.

.. very guessed right… following, Pear Cider… and a pear cream, but well made… he/she doesn’t only have pear cream, he/she has something but… this very rich one, I have liked it a lot… under my point of view, this very well.

.. and lastly of this range of here, we have Blackberry… I hoped a flavor went to blackberris and however not, but be maybe for as me I have used other blackberries… I see it but like a blackberries golisina, as the rest of the range.

.. but soft… but I see that he lacks intense flavor of Blackberries.. there is a mark that he/she calls himself Atmos Labs that the flavor to Blackberries, has it very gotten… and the flavor, as soon as vaping with blackberries.

.. he/she tastes like that, he/she tastes like blackberries… this not… it is a soft goody… this rich one but it is not intense… but he/she doesn’t taste like blackberries… good we pass to the following one.

.. good we begin with the revision, not… pardon… before he/she would be necessary say thanks to SinHumo Seville for all the products that you/they send us again… the normal thing serious to send 4 or 5.

.. they send the whole range… in this sense, Jordi Marin… it is the one that is to the front of Sinhumo Seville and he/she sends us EVERYTHING… I wait… they tell you… I will send you some aromas.

.. and you receive them 48… and you say… joder all quantity… good…thank you Jordi, I wait that in the videos or in the raffle… you give him/her those thanks to him that thanks to him… you will prove all this.

.. it is not thanks to my, but to him… thanks to SinHumo Seville to send so much quantity and for ” joderme ” to carry out 48 revisions… but good… Thanks to smokeless Seville to send all this and we go with the revision.

.. we will begin with the Banana Custard that is this of here… the same as before we have proven the Banana that has remembered to the goodies of Banana… to the Banana Custard, adds him/her a caramelizacion and it cremates.

.. I like but this… but to decide among both is very complicated, both are very good… and I am not much of bananas… the whole range is complicated of choosing one alone… because all very good ones are.

.. Banana Custard, a caramelized banaca and creamy, very pleasant… following that have proven… strawberry… he/she waited a strawberry cream… and not… it is alone a soft strawberry… but he lacks the point of the pleasant cream as he/she has them for example, the banana this.

.. this strawberry is alone soft… following, Banana & Blueberry… this mixture had not proven it before… he/she had not thought of making this way a mixture, but the result is good… it is a flavor that is strange.

.. it is worth and maybe the blueberry the mixture that has the he/she makes a little but… as… artificial but at the same time of being very strange I have liked a lot… following, of those that yes that I have loved you/they.

.. Lemon Sorbet… he/she reminds me to a lemon milk shake, but… but but acid, among creamy and milk shake… very strange… I find that this very good one… I have also drunk practically it to me.

.. of Lemon Sorbet, me had pleased a lot… he/she has a strange but very pleasant point… it is strange, I would mix it among milk shake and… a lemonade then, is sour and it is very rich… lately I like sour flavors a lot, lemons, oranges.

.. and this, this very well… the following one, Lemonade… as their name it indicates he/she remembers to a Lemonade… in this alone flavor he lacks the bubbles… the lemon this, this perfect one.

.. alone he/she would need to have bubbles… impressive… impressive, he/she has left me… looking at the whole range that you/they are creamy… he/she didn’t wait this result… being this way all sweet.

.. he/she didn’t wait this way a lemonade… yes that is a lemonade, it is worth, it is soft but he lacks bubbles… it is impressive… very to keep in mind if you like lemons… following that prove.

.. banana & watermelon… another mixture that he/she had not planned to make… well… banana & watermelon, leaves a strange flavor… the banana prevails… but at the end it leaves the flavor of the watermelon, it is worth, this way sweet and creamy.

.. once strange… but to have very present… sometimes when seeing these mixtures… he/she thinks that you don’t maybe like… because this very rich one the banana mixture & watermelon… the final flavor of simple creamy it is impressive.

.. the first flavor that you have is that of the banana and at the end he/she leaves you a flavor in the mouth to simple soft and creamy… following that prove… Fruit Salts with this of here not wise which serious the result.

.. you can make yourself an image that you will obtain for their name… with this concretely it is very strange… the flavor that I obtain… I obtain a flavor of mixture of fruits but not you which you/they are.

.. this rich one, a mixture of fruits… it is as many that I like that they are mixtures and I don’t distinguish that there is in their interior… not to prove a pear, an apple and to obtain alone that flavor.

.. but obtaining a mixture… and to go obtaining different shades… but such and like these flavors is made… with the touch creamy non obtines what is… following, Apple… we return to the same flavor that you/they have all.

.. all not, the strawberry is soft and anything but… it is an apple with a creamy and very pleasant bottom… it is an apple, but not the typical apple, but but… well an apple cream… very rich…

the following one, Toffee Apple… I waited… a caramelized very creamy apple… you surprise yourself to feel the cremosidad and the caramelizacion of this apple… I am not from flavors to apple, but these two flavors are very very pleasant.

.. and I repeat again, not liking me the apples… that you like these flavors… it is a point in favor of the mark this… and for I finish, I have Bubblegum… it is the typical of the chewing gum balls.

.. all the flavors with this name have always found them or of strawberry or of mint… when you enter a chewing gum ball in the mouth, be of the color that is, yellow, green… it is a mixture of fruits.

.. it is the typical of the chewing gum balls that a strawberry doesn’t prevail or a mint doesn’t prevail… this chewing gum if he/she has that flavor… Bubblegun of TPA / TFA for example doesn’t leave me that flavor.

.. this I have liked it to be the creamy, soft and very pleasant mixture of fruits… it is the first that I prove that if it is real to the name… I have proven of… I have proven of One on One flavors, of TPA / TFA.

.. I have proven many makers and he/she had never found the chewing gum flavor well made as it is it this… he/she would not add neither it would remove anything… this, is the first chewing gum flavors with flavor to chewing gum.

.. as you see they are very different those some to the other ones… those of up they are the first that we revise… I have explained this way to them quick so that it is not so extensive the revision.

.. and I don’t find well them to be very long… I say again, thanks to SinHumo Seville to send so much quantity of flavors to make them the revision… and anything… this is everything… and now it is necessary to prepare the raffle of all these and.

.. and the other flavors… that now I will think… to see that I think to draw all this… and anything… a pleasure and we see each other in the following one… See you later.


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