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Forest Fruit FlavourArt – Review & Recipe [A good and simple fruit mix]

Forest Fruit FlavourArt – Review & Recipe  [A good and simple fruit mix]

Hello and welcome to diy eliquid recipes, Im john and today we will take a look at a very good and balanced fruit concentrate. So this is forest fruit from flavourart. I picked to review this flavor because it is actually one of the better fruit mixes available.

The taste is hard to describe since this is a combination of few different flavors, but I can mainly taste blueberry and raspberry with a touch of strawberry and black currant. All fruits are present in various amounts so there is not one specific flavor standing out.

Also as a sidenote The taste of this concentrate is slightly dry and acidic. Unless you are planning on using it solo, you will need to use something else also to mellow out its taste. A strong cream or a very juicy fruit are usually the best pairs.

For creams, Bavarian cream, vanilla custard or sweet cream are all good options. For a fruit pair you can use cactus or jackfruit to bring out a little more of the fruit taste. And the last thing I want to point out about forest fruit is that is not sweet at all.

Personally I cannot taste any sweetness and I always use at least 0.5% of sweetener with this flavor to add a sweetness obviously but also some extra body to the whole flavor. Now moving to the ratios, If you want to make an eliquid just with forest fruit to either try it alone or just for a quick mix, you can use it from 2 to 4% for a mild eliquid and from 4 up to 6% for a strong and fruity ejuice.

I will also recommend adding some sweetener as mentioned earlier. Now forest fruit even though is a bold flavor, it could also be used very low together with other prominent flavors to make them a little more fruity.

Good pairs for that scenario are dark tobaccos or overly sweet fruits like watermelon and or kiwi. To use forest fruit as a base use it from 3 to 4% and for a mild accent use it from 1 up to 2%. And now next I prepared a simple recipe to show you with this flavor being use to get an idea what you can do with it.

This recipe only uses 2 flavors the forest fruit and Bavarian cream from flavor west but you can use any other Bavarian cream or similar cream flavor too. So this is the recipe. Other than the main flavors There is also sweetener, a little bit of smooth to blend the flavor together and a bit of vanillin for a similar reason.

All together this eliquid comes to 10% of total flavor but it is a rich and full flavor eliquid with a nice variety of flavors. This recipe will require a few days of steeping to mellow out but it will worth the wait after.

I recommend starting with 3 days of steeping. Now I know there are a lot of different eliquids that use forest fruit either as one of the main flavors or just as a side accent. If you have come across or created any eliquids worth mentioning with this flavor feel free to share them with us in the comments.

Hopefully this video was helpful to you, thank you for watching and I will see you again next time.


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