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GCBT – Staggerton Tutorial – Spanos Coils

GCBT – Staggerton Tutorial – Spanos Coils

Welcome to another Greek Coil Build Tutorial by Spanos Coils. Today we’ll quickly see Staggertons Let’s go closer to check it out So, we’ve got 6 ribbon .4 *.1 and we’ve staggered them here in the middle.

And 28 gauge for our two frames which we have locked on the stick with these beautiful clamps They are really small and you can buy them in bulk either by a shop with decoration items or a book store, I got them by a book store.

I won’t show you the staggering process since i’ve done it already You can watch on my channel and watch in a previous video how the staggering is made For this stick I used Para-Spool by Juice Junkie Para-Spool 36 gauge Let’s wrap it! Essential tool, that I didn’t mention previously This! (pliers) Either with the silicone or not Toothless in general to press your wire Just in case it turns.

38cm Let’s install it Ultrasonic bath and BRB Goon 25 at low Ohms 0.06Ω BRB after a quick dry burn So, final Ohms at 0.10Ω Cotton Bacon Vindicator – Goon 25 That’s all for today, Build On, Vape On, Vape Safe etc.

.. BYE!


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