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GLAS Pound Cake E Liquid Review

GLAS Pound Cake E Liquid Review

what’s going on guys welcome to South Side beverage juice reviews we’re reviewing glass right now the entire brand right now we’re actually on pound cake which is banging in we’ve already reviewed milk which is like a strawberry milk and pebbles which is like the cereal flavor pebbly oh dude pound cake is probably I’d say well I mean they’re all good but I’m saying pound cake is is the fan faith everybody’s vaping on it if they can get their hands on it so most of you know I do not BS when I tell you that this is good if a juice is bad I won’t even review it this is probably the most magnum pound cake flavor I have ever had if you’re a fan of like vanilla or dough or even though you know a what’s the custard you know I mean like all of them are good i love custards this is definitely probably the best example of pound cake I’ve ever had subscribe to the videos down below you can subscribe pass it on to your friends share it share it to the world bring it to light how good pound cake from glass is well you’re not a fan of Southside vapors


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