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Grants Vanilla Custard E-Liquid Review

Grants Vanilla Custard E-Liquid Review

hey guys today I’m gonna be doing a review on grants vanilla custard so let’s get right to it so grants vanilla custard what is there to tell about I mean now it’s it’s a really famous in the UK and in Europe and you know I mean the US has lower than Europe has they’re granted on custard so you know based on the hype and the reviews I’ve read and the videos I’ve seen on YouTube I decided you know what the heck get myself a 100 ml bottle of grands milk custard now the normal label is not on directly because I wanted to pass custom so grant was good enough to label it the way I told them so you know it passed customs and here it is so the bottle arrived to me pre steeped five days and I think this is probably the first juice I’ve seen that explicitly states that it requires the steepness steeping rate so I mean no there’s a lot of juices that I steep and you know I speak because I want it not because the explicitly state to steep it but grants vanilla custard actually comes with a in a sheet of paper that provides you with the steeping instructions so that’s something that was something new for me and also this is a juice that you know again states that it is better with silica based at ease rather than Genesis style adding so that’s also quite new for me I mean you know usually I find that juices you know for the most part of either equal or very close to each other when you use them in silica or Genesis but with vanilla custard I think you know they they’ve done the research and gotten the feedback from people so they you know they recommend using it on the silicon big study so without further ado here is a grants vanilla custard loaded up on the small mr.

Kavon 3.1 yes and I’m running it on the man cave box mod which has a DNA chip in it so the reason I want to do this is because I found that this juice is very very complex complex in that in the sense that it responds differently to different devices and different voltages and the flavor profile varies quite a lot but I mean it can be either just you know me you know just okay do something absolutely amazing but that amazing Ness is very thin line so I would like to just show you what I mean so I have my man cave mod set to 8 watts you can see here see here the ADI is 1 point 5 ohms okay 8 watts and it’s gonna fire at 3 point 5 volts so at this voltage wattage the juices it’s very nice I mean it is literally banana and custard I mean it’s not a plain vanilla I mean I’ve tried vanilla from other vendors and it definitely has a little twist to it so it’s a very natural tasting vanilla not artificial or synthetic at all okay and you know you can taste the custard in it so but what I found interesting what about if you clear out with the voltage or wattage this juices dramatically changes its flavor profile so let’s go to around nine and a half watts so we were at eight and Network many and a half watts okay and it’s gonna be firing it at three point three point eight volts okay Wow yeah I mean at this setting on the the flavors just become more pronounced like the vanilla becomes first of all the juice becomes sweeter okay it the flavors the vanilla and the custard become more pronounced but they’re very good balance of the Knowland custard right so again on the inhale you really can taste much there’s there’s not a lot of sweetness issues which I like which which can make it all day vape for pretty much anybody but at this you know voltage it no it’s a very balanced flavor profile between vanilla and the custard however if you raise it up to something like 11 watts okay it’s gonna fire four point one volts now suddenly the fever profile changes right I mean it becomes the vanilla you know it takes a backseat and the custard becomes much more and I mean for me this is not good I mean this is just recent right but if we lower it back down two and a half watts okay so three point eight volts yep there we go that’s nice that’s the sweet spot for me for me the sweet spot is right at nine point five blocks so 1.

5 AA atomizer firing at about three point eight whoa volts you know even three point seven is fine so about like nine point two is also great so about three point seven which is pretty much what you’d get from a mechanical mod I mean that it is just perfect all right amazing I mean it really brings out the sweetness again it when I say sweet I’m not had not sickly sweet just a very nice sweet and you know the vanilla is very strong the the custard notes are very very you know a prominent and you can taste it very very clearly and it’s an all-round good bait no they didn’t say that this juice is better on silica-based at ease and not recommended to use it on genesis based devices simply because the Genesis run too hot and the end of burning up the juice and you know me being the nosy guide i am i curious i am i loaded up on a on the genesis and his answers is also around 1.

5 ohm so let’s take a leap and see and by the way this is running on a mechanical mod so 3.7 volts fresh battery I think I have to agree with them I mean yes it tastes good but it tastes you know infinitely better on the on the cave one which is a silica based Adi its I really think that if you really want to enjoy grants vanilla custard it should be a big pony a silicon-based a D either dripping or you know those of dripping unease like the sagging your IRA things like that or just a normal 510 not you know dripping a tea we were perfect on those or maybe even a you know and how do you like a clear minds or things like that anything which has silica but overall I think this is a fantastic use it’s I’ve tried fluid which is a producers everyone is raving about in the US and it’s a completely different experience I mean fluid is very intense very strong you know it’s literally like you take a vape and it’s like World War 3 happen in your mouth right so I mean it’s good but it’s it’s definitely intense but grass vanilla custard is very subtle I mean when you first see it you might not find it to you know you might not find a special okay and that’s understandable but if you stick to it that been vaping this pretty much all day since morning you know it’s been 10 hours I’ve been baking this end you know now near the end of the day I’m finding that it’s a very very nice juice you know throughout the day I didn’t find any you know need to switch from it or anything so it’s definitely not a baby okay other than that I think that this juice will improve with a little bit more sleeping for those who don’t understand the concept of steeping you know a lot of being a flight will not I should say lot but some of the flavors that you know vendors use they’re very volatile okay you know fuming okay and what the juice is when we mix it right so that few meanness and that volatility of that flavor is retained in the juice right so when you get it right out of the mail and you you know for example you drip it or put the load up your card or addi you will you’ll taste a few minutes right but steeping what basically steeping is that new you take your juice bottle and you take up take off the dripper the the drip dripping part and you sit it any cupboard or a she knows this way cupboards right here my model is steeping in there but yeah you leave it in there in the cupboard in a dark place for you know about a week ten days you know grants has been pre steep five days by the time I got it and I sleep it for two more days to recommend it the minimum is 7 but grant also says that a lot of people enjoy that 14 days so I think I’ll be steeping this bottle for another week and I will do a follow-up and I really do think that this juice is one of those juices that does benefit from steeping do and it benefits tremendously I mean when I first got it I did you know I couldn’t wait so I’d rip a couple of drops into my into my daddy my 510 atomizer and yes while the flavor was good I did feel loved that the volatile of flavors in there you know you feel meanness two days later it has subsided tremendously and it’s become much better and you know I would be happy you know beeping this whole bottle the way it is right now but I’m gonna be I’m gonna you know steep this for another week and I’m gonna follow up I have a really good feeling that this is gonna you know it’s gonna it’s going to change its flavor profile tremendously okay so if you are even remotely interested in vanilla and or you would like it what sort of like that you know set my bakery type dessert I would really really suggest you trying out grant allocation I mean it’s a by far the best vanilla make that I’ve had to date and I just think that it’s just about hitting stride I mean a week more vaping and this thing would be unbeatable I got a baby just so tasty you know I know the smell I mean the smell in estimating I have a two kids and when I started taping this today morning both of them came down and he said daddy what are you eating cat they thought I was eating some cake or something like that so I mean it really really is you know very fragrant I mean you know the the whole of my whole room right now smells like another me the cupboard your even while sleeping you know the whole cover to open the cupboard it smells like vanilla you know it’s a fantastic juice I really recommend but if you get a chance if you can get your hands on Grantsville custard do that you will find the link for the site for his website where you can buy it right down here so I’m going go ahead down there and order yourself a bottle take care of the way you


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