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Grape Inawera – Review & Recipe [Possibly the best grape flavor so far]

Grape Inawera – Review & Recipe [Possibly the best grape flavor so far]

Welcome to a new review video, I’m john from diy eliquid recipes and todays flavor is the very authentic tasting Grape from Inawera. This is a fairly popular inawera flavor and possible one of the best grape concentrates for diy eliquid making.

The taste and smell is very natural and it will remind you of a grape juice or maybe a grape candy but it is definitely not a specific variety of the fruit grape. It tastes closer to a grape flavor you will get in a desert or a drink rather than when eating real grapes.

Other than the grape flavor, there is also a mild acidic taste and almost no sweetness at all. Most likely you will need to use at least 0.5% of a sweetener just to make it taste a little more mild and take the edge off.

Now this is a fairly strong flavor. You will rarely find yourself using it higher than 5%. It has enough flavor even on lower percentages and it can work very well either as the main base of an eliquid or very low as a fruit booster.

I tried it solo at 4% and it had a very clean and real grape flavor. I didn’t use any sweetener but next time I would probably try it again at 4.5% grape and 0.5% sweetener. As a general recommendation here are a few helpful ratios.

To also try is solo for a mild mix try it from 2 up to 3% and for a stronger solo eliquid use it from 4 up to 5% maximum. After 5% it will start tasting too artificial and even bitter if you go even higher than that, so around 3-4% is the general recommendation.

Now if you want to use grape as your base or as a primary flavor together with other fruits, it works well from 2.5% up to around 4%. Use that ratio to create your own recipes, and for an additive to spice up current recipes use it from 0.

5% up to 1.5%. This ratio will introduce a nice and fruity twist to most existing complete recipes. In general this is a very realistic and helpful flavor to have. If you like grapes and you are looking for a flavor to try this one should be one of the first ones to consider.

Now I prepared a quick recipe to show you using this flavor. This is a nice grape juice eliquid, with enough fruity flavor and a nice balance of sweetness and vape body. So here is the recipe for you.

It only uses 3 flavors with fuji and pear from flavourart being the other 2. How this recipe works is the grape creates the body, the fuji apple adds extra fruity flavor on the grape and the pear mellows out the whole flavor and also adds a slight amount of the much need sweetness to the whole recipe.

Pear is very weak as a flavor so you will not taste it at all. The main flavor coming from this eliquid is the grape and that is pretty much all you will taste. A sweet and fruity grape flavor almost like a shisha vape.

This is a very simple and full flavor recipe that if you have the flavors mentioned I would recommend to give it a try the next time you want to vape something using your inawera grape. In conclusion this is a very good grape flavor that is definitely worth a try if you like grape type of eliquids.

If you make this eliquid or you have anything to share with us about this flavor, feel free to leave your thoughts in your comments. Happy to see you here once more and I will be back soon again with a new recipe.


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