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Guide: The Steeping times of all eliquid flavors

Guide: The Steeping times of all eliquid flavors

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. I’m john im a flavor compounder and for today I have prepared a quick guide about the steeping times of different eliquid flavor profiles. These are all the flavors included in this video, I will talk about the ideal long term steeping times for the richest taste possible.

If you are making a recipe that includes more than one of the profiles above then use the steeping time of the main flavor used plus 3 extra days* as a general rule. So I will start with Cereals & Nuts, like cheesecake crust, sugar cookie, hazelnut, pecan and so on.

These flavors will need to steep for 7 to 10 days and For a sharp vape feel use them after only 5days. Next vanilla & chocolate, these flavors are very rarely used alone. most of time they are used as the primary flavor in a lot of recipes, for the best flavor let the mature for 10 to 15 days and only 7 days for a sharper taste.

So next is fruits, I know there is a variety of different flavors so I leaned a little on the longer side to be safe here with almost all fruit flavors. So the ideal steeping time is 7 to 10 days. For a sharp and very fruity vape you could use them even immediately as a shake and vape or only after 24hours of steeping.

Next is Tobaccos and Woody flavor and the flavor with the 2nd longest steeping time. For most tobaccos and oak,burley and other similar flavors 15 to 20 days long steeping is required. There are lighter tobaccos like the RY4 that matures in a little over a week usually but as a general rule tobaccos will need a longer steep and especially dark tobaccos, like 2 examples I can think of are the latakia blend from flavourart an black for pipe by Inawera these flavors are so bold and rich they might even take up to a month to mellow out.

Next is coffee, for this type of eliquids a 7 to 10 days steeping is required for light coffee flavors and 10 to 15 days for darker or espresso like flavors. Coffee eliquids will usually taste sharp even after 7 days so usually they are not recommended to be used a shake and vapes.

Next are pastry eliquids like pies, cookies and cream,donuts and so on. For these type of flavors a medium long steep is required from 10 to 15 days. You could use them earlier but the fullest taste wont develop until usually 2 weeks into steeping.

You can experiment with different recipes but usually atleast a week long steep is recommended with these flavors. So the next one is Sodas & tea flavors, usually these are light vapes with medium to high sweetness.

For these flavors a long steep is usually the most ideal, so 15 to 20 days for a long term and 7 to 10 for a sharper taste. Next one is creams and the number 1 flavor for the longest steep. There are 2 type of creams usually so Ill break it down to 2 categories, first is light creams like marshmallow, whipped cream and malted milk, for these flavors a 10 to 15 day steep is recommended for the richest cream taste.

And next there are thick creams like milk and honey or cream from flavorah horchata from capella, Vienna cream from flavourart and so on. These flavours are very aroma rich and require a very long steeping time for a full maturity.

Usually a 20 to 30 day long steep is required to get most of the creams to soften and blend fully inside the recipe. If you are looking for a quick steep then give most creams about one week and test them to see how they taste then.

And last on this list are 100% Vegetable glycerin based flavors, I know there are not a lot of them available but there are a few companies like real flavors that sell them in some countries. So for VG flavors a very long steep is required usually similar to the creams, a 20 to 30 day long steeping is ideal and if you use VG based creams then prepare for over a month long wait for full maturity.

Now these are all the flavors, I have included time stamps in the description so you could just skip on the profile you are the most interested in next time. My initial intention for this guide was to organize all the information about steeping in one place, so I Hope this video helped you.

If you have any questions or for anything else leave me a comment. Thank you for watching and Ill see you on the next video.


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