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Health-E-Vape Fruit Galore E-Liquid Review (Soulva

Health-E-Vape Fruit Galore E-Liquid Review (Soulva

my folks here we are again with a another review for you today this one is a juice review column from health a vape doctor got UK sent me a couple of juices over to review so I’ve been using this one for this week healthy vape about there I’ll put the link on description to column site healthy vapor complicated site and to the specific juice we are reviewing so the first juice that I am reviewing from how the Eve ape is focus fruits galore there okay he sent me this sword 80 milligram with standard flavor strength which we’ll get to stand a throat hit 70 PG and 30 VG okay this is from their own pure perfection line that they make so I’ve got to sit up on my aerotank or eat that’s in way aerotank at the minute on when see max work 10 watts and this is a 2 ohm head in sight okay so we’re taking a quick beautiful as you can see even as a 30 VG there arts there’s stocks vapor starts abate but right I’ll just give you a rundown since what columns got on his site it says a perfect mix of fruits sending your pallets fruits good lord okay now in the picture it’s got melon papaya apple banana grapes cherries all sorts in the picture personally now juices juices so subjective what I taste someone else might taste completely different so for me this is this is more your personal opinion of this juice okay I’ve tested this juice in my tobor terribly a stripper in me kind of aerotank it’s also been tested in the mini protank 3 and it’s also been tested in one of cc’s aspires as well ok so every juice review I do it gets tested and all sorts of stuff so I can get a good round up with what it’s like ok so it is a yellowy kind of liquid as you can what you can’t see because it’s not focusing there we go all right yellow e-liquid the most of them I can taste strawberry quite a lot strawberry Stephanie strawberry and then there’s other flavors that like our I can’t put my finger on it I can’t put my finger on what they are they’re dare it out it’s definitely undertones of other stuff but I just can’t oh where I feel like my dad is strawberry strawberry [ __ ] but it’s not so it’s not it’s not like you know yes some fruit mixes and it’s like wow that’s just tastes like that flavor I can taste a fair bit of strawberry but I can take some love other stuff underneath as well but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is but it is it is definitely a fruit mix it is kind of like a they don’t really do strawberry fruit juices but can you imagine like a tropical juice with like a touch of strawberry on it that’s kind of why again yeah it’s nice though it is really nice the throat head is really good obviously it depends on your setup the throat here is spot-on as you can see the vapor for considering through 30 VG it’s really good really good yeah definitely strawberry but now it’s definite undertones of kind of tropiclean topical kind of flavors but I just can’t put my I want to sing mango as well I’m not sure I’m not sure if I suppose the best way to explain it would be like to but if you put a whole pack of fruit parcels in your a few matches all those favors buh-buh-buh-buh-buh or if you part line a whole pack of opal fruits in your mouth and all those flavors mixed together that’s kind of what again I can taste strawberry over all the others okay so these come in 12 mil bottles like so okay they are child safety proof you do have to push the lid down to get it open okay you get a little bit of information on there about it being toxic keep our tree to chill of care healthy vape website you also get the healthy vape address as well justice age for the pure perfection ly what flavor it is the healthy vape logo and then you get a rundown of what you can get because there’s different options and you get the date mixed and the best before date as well which I’ve not seen on any other bottles of juices which is quite nice okay now these are 12 mil bottles not 10 mil see you are getting a little bit more for your money and I will tell you this column fills them right out of the top so you’ll probably get more about 12 and a half okay so all is pure perfection liner I think most of his perfection line is going to be available in 12 mil 30 milk okay for 12 no it’s 399 okay for 30 mil its ears seven pounds 8 pounds 48 okay for 30 mil you get the choices of zero nicotine 610 at 12 18 20 24 28 and 36 that’s huge that’s a massive what my what’s the word I’m looking for I don’t know but it’s that’s a lot of choices you know you guys don’t want about flavor strength okay normal as it comes just what I add you can get extra which is 1.

5 times the flavor which is next to 99 P or you can get intense which is double the flavor which is an extra 199 okay and then throat tips you can have normal throat hit which is what I’ve got that which I’m telling you is so I could do my hair in the camera now you get normal through it which is what I’ve got and that is more than enough for me more than enough in my dripper it was too much almost too much bro here but we’re going to drop the nicotine but you can get an ultra bass which is an advanced two throat it which is an extra 1.

49 or you can get an ultra plus base which is a very intense throat tip which is an extra $1.99 and then you can the very shows you can get our seventy pg-13 VG which is the main mix you can get a fifty fifty you can get a 70 VG 30 PG which is called smooth and you can get a hundred percent PG okay so there’s a huge amount of options out she put your mom options it is basically tailor-made eliquid you choose the flavor you choose how you want it Carla mixes that up and sent out you alright now I’ve had these I don’t know about a week I suppose this has kind of been on boost but almost 12 ml of this one so yeah date mix nine four seven so it is mixed to order so some juices fruits don’t tend to be this huge map steep in time but Doonesbury – some juices may need a week or two – steep and which are now bringing the flavor out okay so yeah that’s about it really that’s wrapping it up it’s a fruit to make just like tropical fruit juice with a few strawberries that’s why I get that’s like that okay I will put the link in the description to Karen’s website healthy vapor cutting okay we’ll put one direct to the do something reviewing I’ll put a link to the forum I flow a bow on I will put a link to my soulmate for reviews bog go and have a nosy go and have a lousy you know how it works people you know how it works okay and so that’s it I’ll take another little faith with you guys if that’s if that’s the vapor I’m getting from us 30 VG I would love to try that 5050 I really would really wet right cut up the ten minutes so we’ll wrap that up because that’s quite a lot for a juice review so there we go go and check out currants website at healthy vacant UK Oh put the link in description I’ll set and I hope you’ve enjoyed the review I shall I do have three wall from column to do when I could squeeze them in between other reviews that’s more stuff coming out the yeah and life and work is so so busy now to trying to squeeze in interview just get hired at Nara but I will endeavor to get some another juice review done over the weekend for you guys and I’ll get that up and take it steady enjoy the sunshine I know she’ll see you again next time bye bye


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