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HEEAVEN  DIY EJuice Recipe

Welcome, again to the channel of YouTube, in this occasion we have another recipe this recipe also, is the version that we make of that we make, in this channel on, the eliquid laying down on the label and the version this, I lower our point of view, it is the most guessed right thing or that that but resembles that recipe, but eye, it is low our point of view under our point of view, this recipe is made of Cookies that we have it here estra made with, Blueberry that we have it here Caramel Candy that we have it here, Dairy Milk Malted Milk and for I finish Blueberry Candy.

.. As you can see we have 2 blueberry, because the mixture of both… it contributes us a mixture better than using one alone of them… If we use the Candy, is not enough and if we use normal Blueberry we spend.

.. the mixture of the two gives us an extreme softness and leaves a better taste to that knows this recipe that is pursued? basically, some cookies with blueberries and candy and with a point of milk, or rather cream, although it is not a cream very although it is not a cream as those that use always, if not, made alone of milk.

.. and the mixture of all… leaves us some cookies with a very guessed right combination of Cookies, tells us that we use 1% that is equal to 0,1 ml for 10 ml in total. 0,1 mili liters and inside… of normal blueberries tells us that we use a 4% 4% is 0,4 ml of Caramel candy, tells us that we use a 3% here of Dairy milk, we use a 3% 3% is 0,3 mili liters for 10 mili liters in total of Malted milk 3% also 0,3 mili liters and of Blueberry for I finish, we use a 5% of 5% it is, 0,5 mili liters for 10 mili liters in total they are not many flavors.

.. in total alone 6 but like you see, Dairy Milk is used and Malted Milk to obtain the flavor of the milk and the two of blueberries, to obtain a mixture but soft and accentuated at the same time Caramel Candy, contributes us the softness of the candy and Cookie, leaves us the flavor of the cookies.

.. it is very simple and quick of preparing… the flavor total that gives us this combination is 19%, it is worth as we make it to the 50/50 serious 5 mili liters of propylene glycol less 1,9 mili liters of flavor, similar to 3,1 ml propylene glycol to add we catch the propylene glycol and 3,1 we close and we move as always and we put 5 mili liters of glycerine that we have it here we take out the air.

.. we put the syringe again where it was and we already have our prepared recipe and this is our result, as you can see they are quick to prepare they are only 6 flavors and encounter that resembles the flavor a lot of.

.. this manufacturer and repeat, THIS IS NOT A CLONE, but a VERSION… that it is not the same thing… good, said this… anything but… we see each other in the following one… see you later…


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