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HEM’s / Classic Mod Showcase!

HEM’s / Classic Mod Showcase!

Just cleaning some old classic mods here Here’s the robusto Can still see that engraving on there; number 43 Glas Signature -sapphire thang on the button The aluminum coin in there -oop- Leakin’! where’s my rag I need to empty the Sat.

But yeah, Sat22 version 3 GK told me that it has the “Sat22,” on the bottom the engraving on the bottom of the the base of the underneath Pretty sure that means it’s the “3.” And then this is an “Owl” by Crave [Mods] just polished the button on that one 18500 size “307,” I think that says(?) .

..pretty sure butidkrabblerabblerabble This one is Cloud Control by Maker; this was my first wooden box mod just polishing that up There’s a ton more, but these are the ones I have out right now that I’m gonna put on display I like the craftsmanship n’ stuff on em, especially of course the Gepetto The Glas and Sat is one of my favorite ones and I just like the simplicity of the Owl, and I have Anatolians and Other stuff in the in the box over there, but maybe I’ll do another video for that Anyway just wanted to share that Also just wanted to say that I’m switching over this channel to my other channel — it’s connected to my same account so I just switch between em This channel is changing over to car channel and then any vape stuff and vape related or Vlog related stuff will be over on the other channel called “1View,” so I’ll link that in the description if you wanna go switch over there, but if not, you can stay on this channel and check out the car stuff But trying to organize it a little bit better and I know I had the vape stuff on this channel before but it’s been a Few years, so I’m trying to switch it up and just do something a little bit more organized.

So yeah Check that out if you want to and have a good one guys!


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