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History of FlavourArt [FA] – The Story of the Italian Flavorings Manufacturer since 2006

History of FlavourArt [FA] – The Story of the Italian Flavorings Manufacturer since 2006

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. Im John I Am a flavor compounder and in this video I will give you very quickly the history of a company that most people involved in diy eliquids will know about.

This is the story of Flavourart from their beginning to now. Today we all know them for flavors like Fuji and Vienna Cream but in the beginning the company was making flavors with cooking in mind. The company started to make and sell food flavorings first in 2006, an idea that was created by Max and Anna, a couple with years worth of experience in Organic chemistry and interested of making their own flavors.

The company was established in 2006 and In 2007 they opened up to the world by launching their online store. their focus was mainly chefs and other culinary enthusiast. So the flavors they developed had food and drinks only in mind.

the company was mainly creating flavors like caramel, almond or strawberry to be used in beverages and sweets. In the middle of 2009 and few years after the company had now an established catalog and network of sales, it was the time that their involvement to the work of eliquids started to happen.

It all started by the thought of trying to use some of their PG based flavors in an eliquid mix. After realizing that it works the development of flavors that can be used in vaping slowly began. Now as of 2017, flavourart has a whole dedicated line just to premix eliquids, other concentrate flavours for diy mixing and of course food additives and other flavourings they are making since the beginning.

It is one of the companies that are very clear of their involvement in the vaping community and always try to purify their flavors for safer inhaling. It was one of the companies that as early of 2010 was trying to find alternatives for diacetyl and worked on creating safer flavours for vaping.

In their story of about 10 years now they have come to the point of being one of the most recognizable companies in the diy community known as FA in thousands of recipes. They are available in atleast 50 countries around the world and have their own company owned stores around Europe.

Their main facility is in Italy close to Milan and employees over 50 people that oversee the extraction and making of their flavorings. Products like Fresh Cream, Pear, Strawberry, Custard, Vienna Cream, Vape wizard,Meringue, and Joy are just few of their very well know flavours that a lot of recipes use and also can be created out of them.

Their catalog runs deep to over hundred flavours and its clear that we can hope to see many more things coming from this company in the future. Now I tried to include as much of their history I could find, hopefully this video gives you a better idea about Flavourart.

I hope the information was interesting and I would like to also see what you think about them. There will be more videos about the history of companies coming soon. Thank you for watching and see you, next time


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