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HorizonTech Falcon Resin-Artisan Edition SubOhm Tank Review


HorizonTech Falcon Resin-Artisan SubOhm Tank review. This is for adults trying to stay away from smelly sticks. And yes, I know I said Artisan wrong.


Falcon Resin-Artisan:

My favorite e-liquid (no added sweeteners):
Tea Time e-liquid

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Where I get my coils:

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Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of the products or brands that were shown in this video. I do not support any companies, these are only my opinions. This video is a product review.


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  1. Anyone else experience the m triple coils suck? Lol. The first pack I got was for my original falcon and it was okay. My other pack I got were all duds. They burnt in a day or two. I had my eye on the black artisan edition. Had it for a day with the included triple. Took it to work for a 12 hour shift. It’s starting to have a slight burnt taste once in a while now too. Noticed just like the others when a light is shined through the tank. The tops of each coil are almost black. These taste great at first. But I haven’t had good luck. Will stick with the m2 from now on. I have one triple left. May start treating it like smok coils and passing a needle through it a couple times.

  2. Do you always talk like that? Lol I love it personally but some people probably think you got 'issues' didn't wanna say the r word. I can see you talking like that all the time x'D would make me laugh so easy, even if you tell a corny joke.

  3. i find the M3 coils leak right after filling, any one else experience this?
    yes i back thread and correctly tread all the parts, & clean gaskets btw

  4. Actually picked myself up the Falcon and god am I in love with it! Haven’t tried the triple mesh coil yet though. Gonna be switching it out soon so I can try to get one more use out of the m2.🙏🏻

  5. I really need that blue one in my life! These damn Smok coils are terrible and annoying! I just started vaping like 3 or 4 weeks ago and I've been through about 5 or 6 coils. 😭😭😭And I vape about 4-6 mL a day at no higher than 55 watts!

  6. Can I buy one of those from you Sophie!? Im a single mom and dont have much money to get nice gear. I would love love love one of those lil beauties! If you can? Please let me know! Thx

  7. Man love your vids new to vaping after smoking for 25 years. My bday is sept 14th turning the big 40. Missed the giveway love that crimson falcon tank. Darn anyway keep the awesome vids . Your my first person i come to for my vaping info and the first i subscribed to.

  8. I am only up to the M2 coils and I had to buy them on ebay because of limited US sellers… best coil I ever used… I actually was able to use my prince tank bubble glass on the falcon and it added room for juice. I would grade them an A, I love my Valryian tank… but the Falcon is even better.

  9. I have the same Smok Majesty. I thought it was just mine that did not hit as hard. Thanks for that info. It is so pretty…I still use it. I do have several mods that do hit harder! Thank you for the review. I love these two colors together. You are very funny! 😊 Thank you also for the chance to win.

  10. Thank you for posting this review. I just got my 1st Falcon and am using it on a SMOK Majesty. Absolutely love it! Now I'm looking for a new mod to try out after watching your review.

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