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How My Teen-Proof JUUL Could End Teen Vaping

How My Teen-Proof JUUL Could End Teen Vaping

can you make a JUUL teen-proof? Normally on this channel we ask and answer questions that nobody is asking, so if you’re a regular you might be thinking to yourself “but Louis, everybody is asking this question” — but you’d be wrong! Vaping was initially created to give adult smokers a safer alternative but now teens have taken up vaping.

It’s a really serious problem — even the teens who live are cursed, now hooked on nicotine and forced to live the rest of their lives with small rectangles for mouths, and to sustain themselves off of nothing but mediocre fruit smoothies.

The problem is that there’s a real benefit here for adult smokers to make the switch, but the danger of teens getting addicted is making people want to ban vaping altogether. Nobody is asking whether we could just make the teens quit on their own — and then I had an idea what if we could make it so painful, so unbearably unpleasant for teens to JUUL that none of them would want to do it ever again? You know how spray paint and other inhalants have a bitterant in them so people don’t snort it? I want to do the same thing, but for a juul.

Obviously we can’t just lace the pods with cayenne pepper — that would work on everybody and we’re just trying to get teens to stop. While I was sitting here trying to figure out how to determine whether a user was a teen, my girlfriend suggested that I use high frequency sound as the deterrent — which is brilliant! We often hear that human hearing ranges from about 20hz to 20,000hz — as we get older, or go to too many heavy-metal rock concerts, that range starts to deteriorate.

As it turns out, 17,000hz is just the right pitch that everyone younger than about 22 can hear it, and pretty much nobody above the age of 30 can hear it. If we know that our punishment only works on teens, we don’t even need to know who’s vaping — we can just play a 17kHz tone every time someone takes a rip, and only the teens will notice.

Now, normally I’d build this right in front of you, but this build was a total snooze so instead — here’s one that I prepared earlier the way it works is pretty simple. Juuls activate whenever you take a rip, and to conserve power the vape coils aren’t powered up unless you’re sucking on the tip.

Because of this, we can use the flow of current to activate a switch. The role of switch in our case is going to be played by a transistor. When you rip the juul, half the current goes through the pod and half the current goes through the transistor.

then the transistor is like “ow! you zapped me!” and in retaliation, activates the sound circuit which plays this horrible teen deterring tone. But I know what you’re thinking — “Louis, how can we even trust that this thing works? you’re just some random person on the internet!” and you’re right I am just one random person on the Internet.

.. so why don’t we ask a bunch of random people? what’s up yo do you guys have feelings about vaping how old are you guys since you guys all in like high school there are a lot of high school kids who are vaping right do you think the teen vaping is a problem yes I have a six-year-old brother who vapes I think it’s stupid and it’s ruining kids lives yeah so do you think that the vaping is a problem yes what if I told you that I’ve created the world’s first teen proof vape — do you have any idea how it works? every time you take a rip from the Juul this plays an ultra-high frequency that is super annoying the teenagers I’ll show you can you hear that right can you hear that okay right do you think that would actually work yes to be completely honest you think that this would work at all I actually didn’t so but like is it pretty annoying like you can probably get like adapted to what if we made it louder do you think that this would be effective way to like get teams to stop vaping worth the try okay I see what you say it’s alright even though the person vaping wasn’t gonna hear it no this is gonna be the kid it’s just gonna be the kid what might work that’s what I’m saying I think it’s a great idea I think keep some kids from all right annoying kid at a party well I mean I guess yeah I really would discourage I think the thing it’s like right do you think it should be something that’s like required to be put on vapes I would love that can’t hear it right okay this is what we call a prototype do you think babe companies would be hoping to willingly put this on their products — I don’t know about “willingly”.

what about Juul ’cause Juul keeps saying that they don’t want teens using their stuff — well if they are for like all for teens not using this right I think they should lead as an example. do you think it’s a better solution than just like banning vapes outright like they’re trying to do in a lot of places absolutely you think so all right cool cool all right well thank you thank you very much everybody appreciate it pretty much everyone I talked to said they thought it would work which was incredible.

it just didn’t quite have that ear-splitting “OW” factor that I was kind of hoping for, and in fact quite a few people that I talked to said that it was lacking in the oomph department. but unfortunately this thing is already cranked as high as it can go so to close this out strong I decided to switch it up a bit sounds around 12 to 13 thousand Hertz are perceived as louder and thus more painful so with the volume cranked to 11 I made what I like to call the “all-ages” version that I tried on a couple of friends.

And with that, this incredible adventure comes to a close — but with any luck, we’ll be seeing teen-proof juuls on store shelves by 2020. thanks for watching if you like this one make sure to slap the like button get subscribed and turn on notifications so you don’t miss any future videos I put out a new video like once a month but if you want to hang out in between you can click the link in the description to join our community discord if you want to support the channel directly you can click right here to help support me on patreon but if you’re not quite sure yet you can click over here to watch another video right away thanks for watching and I’ll


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