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How to Blend Fruits with Creams for Richer DIY eliquid Recipes.

How to Blend Fruits with Creams for Richer DIY eliquid Recipes.

Welcome back to another episode, Im john I’m an flavor compounder and today I will talk about how to blend fruits with creams in your recipes. There are a lot good concentrates and eliquids that combine fruits with creams together for a smooth and fruity vaping experience, like banana cream, strawberries and cream, unicorn milk and so on.

It seems like that combination is working very well so today I want to give you a tip on how to easier blend creams inside fruits for better diy eliquids. And how to do that is with the help of some dragonfruit from tfa.

The reason for that is dragonfruit aside from flavorings it also contains a small amount of triethyl citrate and what this does is it works as an emulsifier helping combine flavors of different viscosity together and stabilize the solution .

Dragon fruit as a flavor is very unique and odd. If its used at high ratios lets say 8% or more then usually it will take over and overpower everything else inside the mix. But there are usually 2 ways to use it properly inside a recipe, one method is to just use to as an emulsifier or fruit booster and add anywhere from 0.

5% up to 1%. And the second way would be to use it as a fruit flavor where usually it works best from 3% until around 7%. If you want to make a recipe like I said earlier that has fruits and creams I will give you a quick example of recipe to see it being used.

Lets start with 4% vanilla cupcake from tfa, 4% of whipped cream tfa, 4% Black currants TFA, and 2% of dragon fruit from tfa again. Mixed in at 70%VG and 30%PG. You can substitute any of the flavors above with other similar ones except the dragon fruit which has to be from tfa to make this recipe work.

This eliquid is a nice creamy vape with a touch of sweet and sour fruits on the exhale. Here I paired the dragon fruit with the black currants instead of the usual strawberry that you would see in other recipes because I like the extra acidity they have compared to the normal sweetness of a strawberry so that combination of the currants and dragonfruit creates a nice contrast when combined later with the creams.

But nonetheless strawberries, blackberries or pretty much another fruit will work well when assisted by the dragon fruit in a similar fashion. In general I would say that blending fruits and creams with dragon fruit is just one of the ways to do it.

In theory there is also the method of using higher amounts of propylene glycol to achieve a similar effect, but instead of using 70 or 80% of propylene glycol in your mixed it would be much easier to use a little bit of dragon fruit for the same result.

Of course In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. Once more leave me your thoughts in the comments and I will see you again next time.


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