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How To Blow O’s – 2019 Tutorial

How To Blow O’s – 2019 Tutorial

koolaid jammer, cookie pack on camera yeh I’ve gotten a lot of requests over the years so I wanted to take some time and come out with a video that would be showing you guys my technique for how to blow os and with that being said I just have to hydrate a little more let’s head on into the studio and get this tutorial started I know we’ve all probably seen it thousands and thousands of times but before diving into this tutorial I just want to show you guys once what os are how to blows how do we do it where do we start when trying to learn how to blows it’s gonna be best to use some form of mod or tank or sub ohm device just something that’s producing more vapor than your salt make devices something like this yes you can do an o with it but realistically speaking it’s not going to be the best to sit here and practice over and over again like using one of these vapes.

now that we got that out of the way let’s dive in and show you guys what you actually have to do to blow over. the first area I want to cover is what you need to do with your face to actually make the shape of an O.

this is the face you have to make. the one thing that’s gonna help you guys out so much is to do this in front of a mirror or in front of your phone camera this is gonna help you out so much making those slight adjustments to your face just playing around and practicing and figuring out what oh face is best for you how do we make an O face the first thing you’re gonna want to do is try and just make your mouth in the shape oh it’s a bunch of different ways to do it some people show their teeth a little bit the main thing to understand before even trying to blows is that you are trying to match the shape of your mouth with the power of your cough to create resonance that will equate to an actual out coming out of your mouth you have to understand that every single person has a different mouth every single person has a different lip structure this tutorial isn’t necessarily just here to give you one technique one proper weight of doing it it’s meant to give you methods of how to practice and find out what your own best way is just to reiterate what you want to do at your o face is to make your mouth in the shape of an oval take your lips curl them inward and make sure your top lip is pressed up against your teeth so now we know how to do our own face we have everything right oh alright alright maybe not maybe we don’t have everything down yet there is one more part that’s very very important for learning how to blows and that’s how to actually coughed them out blowing nose is something that you’re always going to be changing and adjusting depending on what you’re trying to accomplish you’re gonna do something different in layman’s terms this is a light abrupt cough one of the main things you’ll notice when doing it is that your diaphragm and whored tighten up when you make that call to me this doesn’t give you the best idea of how you’re actually supposed to do it so here are my two ways I like to describe how to do an oak off so I don’t know if you guys are that familiar with a bass pedal on a drum kit but I like to think of blowing o’s like that so in terms of the abruptness of the coffee you want it to be like that bass pedal kicking against the drum when it hits the drum to make the sound it’s not sitting there and holding against it it’s a quick bounce and then it retracts the same thing with your coffee so when you call it’s not it’s so you’re not letting it stay for very long of the second you tell your brain to call if you also want to be telling your brain to stop so not it’s I’ve explained this in so many different ways throughout my time blowing nose but the best way I think to describe it is phonetically speaking so you want to think of the letters aah-aah-aah not oh not ooh it’s ah aah simple as up so when you make your coffee you don’t say oh it’s just just to show you guys when you don’t call fab roughly and you try and make all these different noises that sound like an O it doesn’t work as well as when you do this that’s why I’m trying to emphasize that you have to play around with it you have to try different techniques because you don’t know what’s gonna work best for you what I do may not work the best for you what someone else’s tutorial is may not work the best for you that’s why it’s best to try and gather all the information and practice everything see what works best and never be afraid to change what you’re doing the main thing when trying to pick the best o face and you’re starting to get your oohs to come out is try and figure out which one shoots the farthest which one has the best rotation on the oh these are all going to become very important down the road once you start trying to do other vape tricks with the oh you’re blowing one of the things you can notice when trying to blows excess smoke and the draught that you’re creating can get in the way of the next oh that you’re trying to blow so a couple tips to help you with that are these either turn your head or move your body in some general direction to take you out of the same spot that you blew the previous up if I try and blow another row in that exact same path there’s gonna be some form of draught that gets in the way whereas just a little bit of a head movement can do so much if you’re struggling to move your head you could also just walk in one direction and then one more tip I want to give you guys so your draft or your excess vapor won’t get in the way is involving when you take your hip so I didn’t really touch on this topic too much because everyone has their personal preference but when I blow my nose I like to do a very very slight inhale and take a lung hit which in return before I start blowing my O’s I have to exhale a little bit of the smoke I have piled up so that cloud that you blow out before you start doing your O’s is actually very important it could make or break the spam or the oh that you’re trying to blow when you exhale that excess push it out over your right shoulder or your left shoulder just basically get it out of your field of view if you sit here and go like this and try and blows you’re blowing into a draft already so the best way to avoid it no matter what trick you’re trying to do is to just blow it away from you so I just want to reiterate the main points of what you want to be doing to get your o’s down point when you’re practicing try and use a phone or a mirror or something that will allow you to see the face that you’re making gives you the best ability to look at what you’re doing to analyze your mistakes and learn from them the next biggest thing is regarding your Oh face make sure that your lips are curling in and mess around with the way that they curl it mess around with the tightness that you feel of your actual lips and when it comes to the type of oval to make play around with how much of your teeth you’re actually covering and in terms of actually making the call to blow the oh that a aged sound ah ah in cough form and as well to try and be like that bass drum pedal I was talking about before where when you cough you don’t want to be holding that call for very long and want it to be as instant and quick and abrupt as possible and when you put it all together you end up with this so that wraps it up for my basic tutorial on just how to blow o’s if you guys enjoyed this video want to see some more tutorials or have any feedback you want to give me please let me know in the comments below and as well hit that like button and consider subscribing to the channel because we’re gonna have a lot more tutorials coming babe tricking tutorials editing tutorials cinematic videos and probably so much more I’m super stoked to have you guys on board I hope you guys enjoyed this video and stay tuned for the next one


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