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How to Blow O’s | Vape Tricks 💨 |

How to Blow O’s | Vape Tricks 💨 |

It is time. I taught you how to blow O’s Hello, everyone. My name is vape chilla your average spinaway vape reviewer I’ll be teaching you how [to] blow O’s so I’ve had a ton of requests on this tutorial And I really hope the wait for this video was worth it I’m going to try and explain how to blow O’s the easiest way possible there’s three parts to doing an “O”, 1 the inhale and exhale So when you’re going to do O’s, you’re going to vape as you would normally or more specifically mouth to lung.

Here’s an example *vape sucking noise* You can see that went straight to my lungs now the second part to that is to exhale a little bit of vapor Now this is to make your rings a little bit more thicker here’s a comparison as you can see in the first one my O’s weren’t as thick in the beginning and Then the second one they were fixed to begin with so that’s why you’re going to want to exhale Just a little bit second the second part of this trick is your oh face *lol.

jpg* yes, that’s right How you position your mouth is very Important now the thing is everyone’s whole face is different, but usually this is how it should look like Now it should be basic on how to make this face, but if you’re having trouble what can I compare this to? Yeah that works- put a 30ml bottle in your mouth or take your index finger and put it on your thumb, [right] there That’s a pretty decent size Ta-Da! a really good tip is to purse your lips Here’s the resting face and here’s the o face one of the most important parts the blowing o’s is the cough Some of you may have seen tutorials on the tongue technique, but personally I would say adapt to the coughed technique.

Here’s a comparison *spamming O’s* as You can see with the coughing technique You’re able to spam faster, your [o’s] are faster, and you can do a lot more tricks with a coughing technique now Here’s the reason why [this] tutorial is so late.

[I] don’t [know] how to explain the cough that well It’s not really [a] cough, but a very very small one Maybe if you could hear it it might give you a better [understanding] of it. Here’s what it sounds like If you have trouble doing that coughs here’s a couple ways on [how] to do that cough.

there’s this method where you’re basically Coughing in the beginning and slowly reducing to a soft cough The other method is doing this really stupid laughs If you know how to do this laughs you’re in luck basically make it so you’re doing a whisper laughs One important tip is to make the end of the coughs sharp if you don’t know what I mean, don’t do this The ends of those coughs are not sharp.

Here’s what I mean by sharp As you can hear the ends of those coughs stop quite abruptly, so when you put it all together It should look like this from the inhale to the small exhale the O face and Then the coughs so let’s do a little bit of practice So if your [o’s] are looking a bit thin either suck more vapor into your lungs or exhale until the vapor becomes thick So if your [o–‘s] aren’t going very far And they’re dropping a little short you might want to add a little more power to your cough So if you’re doing that you’re probably adding too much power to your cough [Fine-tune] it by slowly reducing the cough till you find that sweet [spot] You might have noticed on that one there was a lot [of] excess vapor that came out with the old this is what happens when? Your cough isn’t sharp enough Now if you’re able to get it pretty consistent you’ve probably found [the] sweet spot [good] for you It is important to remember to start off slowly you have to slowly build up to it in my personal experience It’s best to take your time with [it] because if you rush in too Fast [you’re] always aren’t going to come out neatly and then you’re going to start thinking It’s your technique, then you’re going to change your technique And that’s just a really messy thing to do so stick to the technique that works best for you And slowly go up from there another thing [to] remember Everyone’s Coughs sounds different So don’t try and copy others try and find what works best for you, and most importantly to remember keep Practicing over time when you blow rings your mouth and coughs is going to be automatic It’s going to be [able] to do the same thing over and over again guys I really [hope] this tutorial was worth the wait [I] hope I was able to make it as easy as possible for you guys Just remember [if] you have any [more] questions, just comment down below And I [will] reply the next tutorial might be how to bend o’s or doubles or triples [you] guys decide for all my filipino viewers this Sunday I’ll be attending vape meet for a cause So I hope to see some [of] you guys there If you like this [tutorial] make [sure] to subscribe down below to stay tuned for more videos in the future If you have any more questions on how to blow o’s make sure to comment down below And I [will] reply now a Facebook page where I post extra content So make [sure] to visit that in the description below till next time


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