Home Vape Tricks How To Bow-Tie Split 2018 | Vape Trick Tutorial | Tristan_Vapes

How To Bow-Tie Split 2018 | Vape Trick Tutorial | Tristan_Vapes

How To Bow-Tie Split 2018 | Vape Trick Tutorial | Tristan_Vapes

What’s up YouTube Tristan_Vapes here in this video i’m going to show you how to do the bow-tie split lets go Okay the bow-tie split is where you’re going to blow an O and then you’re going to split that O into two different rings and they are both going to shoot vertically up and down.

I believe this trick is called the bow-tie split because right before the Os split, it’s going to be looking like a little bow-tie right here, ill put a little picture for you guys. Alright, so some steps for the bow-tie split you’re going to want to blow an O, push that O, and give that O a little lyph bend and as you’re giving it that lyph bend, suck it in the middle and then boom you will have your split.

Okay i’ve already talked about how to blow and push Os in my recent videos, so i’ll leave a link to that in the description below. Today we are going to be focusing on lyph bends. Alright, so the lyph bend is the hand movement that you see a lot of the vape tricksters do to move the ring okay back then with the lyph bend i used to move my hands up and down like this around the ring to get it to move.

that will still work, but it’s actually not the most effcient way I actually found a guy on Instagram, he goes by the name Metal_n_Tricks and he is a really nice trickster, Ill leave a link to his instagram In the description below, but he made a tip video on Instagram explaing how you do the lyph bend and pretty much the most efficient way is if you grab your hands like this around the ring and you just go like that.

If you keep practicing that movement, you will definitely see like the ring start to stretch. Hey guys what’s going on Same lane here bringing you a quick trick tip Just focus more on sorta pulling your hands out like this your hand is going to go up and down anyway, so don’t worry about that don’t focus on it at all for the moment just focus on this for the moment okay hope that helps guys.

Let’s do a quick example of the lyph bend Before moving to the inhale on the bow-tie split Please work on that lyph bend Okay for the inhale as you’re doing the lyph bend, you’re going to wanna approach the O with your mouth in the middle of that circle Essentially what you’re trying to do here is after you get that O to lyph bend, it’s going to make some weird shape and if your mouth is in the middle of that O, you’re trying to connect the top and the bottom part of that ring and then boom! you got your bow-tie split right there.

Alright now since we got the concept of bow-tie splits lets go do some examples. Alright lets talk about a little bit more tips to help you with the bow-tie split. Start off with smaller Os the reason behind that is because if you do it with a bigger O you’re going to have to do a much wider lyph bend and also you’re going to have to do a harder inhale.

Practice different ways of inhaling in the middle of the O also don’t forget to practice your lyph bends another thing that i’ve heard is if the O is at a little bit of an angel, so it’s not like parallel with your face, but it’s at an angel a little bit, that will actually help you a little bit with your bow-tie splits as well, so give it a try.

So the next tutorial that i’m going to do is going to be over head splits and this time, ill actually pump that out when i get 400 subscribers. In the meantime I will be doing other content like trick edits or juice reviews Alright YouTube thank you for watching this video, if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe, there is also a little notification bell and if you hit that, you will be notified every time i make another upload I also post daily on instagram, so if you guys want to keep up with my daily content, please check me out over there @Tristan_Vapes besides all that jizz jazz you vapers keep it cloudyyy.

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