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How to build a Dual Vertical coil setup on an iGo-w

How to build a Dual Vertical coil setup on an iGo-w

any papers today today we’re going to well I’m going to show you how to build a dual coil vertical build and now let’s go ahead and get started I’ve already made my coils these are 28 gauge 6 wraps around a 18 inch drill bit micro coil so let’s go ahead and get started and tighten up the negative post on the coil first I’m going to do that for both of the coils okay since these are going to be vertical coils we’re going to add to position them tilt them over because they’ll probably want to lay horizontally so I’m going to get it basically in position both coils in position then I’m going to tighten up on the positive post we can move the coils after we tighten these down now let’s remove the excess wire on the coil legs see if these will work ok now let’s position the coils a little bit better and you want them off the deck because you’re going to want to stick cotton in here Brown up a little bit more you prime up more room you’ll have when you go to put your cotton in there okay can you see how how far off the coils are there pretty good ways up off the deck over here ok now I’m going to do a test fire or dry fire these coils to anneal them put it on the mod here also the few times one of them is getting hotter than the other a little bit sooner a lot of times that’s the connection on the negative post tighten their negative post up a little bit better mark we’re back on our own sastre so what kind of homes we’ve got 6.

3 ok now we’re ready to install the cotton we need just a very little bit I’m just going to twist one end of it you you and insert it into the coil just enough so I can get a pair of tweezers just pull it through take another piece of cotton the same thing where the twist one end up hmm no are they thinking well that doesn’t look like a whole lot of cotton I won’t be able to get very many hits off of that well if you don’t get the amount of hits that you want off of it you can always go back and add more cotton into the deck of the of the atomizer so let’s go for excess cotton here shutting down from off some of those excess there we have it see how much open area we have around our coils now and I really think this makes the the vertical coil setup shine with better airflow you get better vapor and better better flavor and it’s a cool vague so that’s how we do a dual dual vertical coil setup and I hope you give it a try and I think you’ll you’ll like it like I said better flavor better vapor cool vapor watertower owns jump up I have to work on that okay we all take it easy vape on rape strong hope you enjoyed the video and if you’re interested in building with cotton check out obsessive cotton just holder on facebook we’d love to have you over there and so anyway they born break strong see you later


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