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How to clean N80 coils – Spanos Coils (eng CC)

How to clean N80 coils – Spanos Coils (eng CC)

How to clean N80, a video that many of you waited for a long time since the old one got down by youtube I made a timelapse video where I clean my equipment where I give you some tips and you were upset for the duration of it and thank you for that.

Let’s watch now our regular video! We get our kitchen paper cut a single paper to place on it our atomizers. For today we’ll see how to clean our N80 coils on Fatality 28mm RTA to check a tank’s gunk which had by Omerta Pupetta 1 bottle 60ml with the same wicks of course and Goon 24 (OG) with Mammoth Creations Cap which had a whole bottle (60ml) of Voodoo Sauce and a second bottle Voodoo Sauce till here First atomizer the Goon we can see a lot of gunk on our coils but we will restore them with our pincers remove our wicks and being careful not to leave any cotton inside unscrew the RDA from the base we’ve placed it we take it and throw inside the ultra sonic cleaner.

While we wait for a cycle of 5 mins let’s see the next one we can see inside almost the same sight. Not much better as you can see right here there is a bit more gunk we also remove our wicks we get that to wash too and we wait to finish In case we don’t have an ultra sonic cleaner device we get our atomizer you can see the gunky coils that drip on my cellphone and let’s check another way to clean a N80 coil we get our atomizer, one old toothbrush some soap water here water there and rub turn off the water so you don’t waste it After 1 and a half minute they look like this not completely clean but lets see the third step.

Honestly the heat is unbearable… Since we learned how to clean a coil without having an ultra sonic cleaner device let’s check what happened with the rda in that device So, third step optionally and only if our outer wire is thinner than 38ga we get our coil brush and start rubbing SOFTLY Much better, will have you a photo to check the looks we lower the watts starting on 1 volt to check if there are any hotspots can’t observe anything the one is glowing the other not so we rub SOFLTY you know how, doesn’t need to watch it and after we’ve rubbed SOFTLY with our ceramic tweezers they glow both same time as we can see So we’re done.

That’s how our coils look after they’ve been dry burned will have you a closer photo Let’s go to the one that we’ve only cleaned with our coil brush Let’s softly glow it or at 30 watts 1.8V currently we get one hotspot here which is 36ga so we don’t really care to put it out carefully we can put some force to it doesn’t matter now I can see that both glow the same time If it’s helpful you turn off the lights and you can observe them even better You can see the colours got much more to give Let’s also talk a bit.

At the ultra sonic cleaner device method which many of you got i suppose, it’s good for your coils, your atomizers you can also clean chips for pc’s in there So what we do: get water, pour it inside if you want you pour in the device a mix of soap maybe pg based disolve whichever you like you start a 5minute cycle and then our coils are almost fine.

Everything that comes up we remove with a SOFT glow or dry burn or we rub it SOFTLY with coil brush if our outer wire isn’t thinner than 38ga (0.1mm) which means THIN When I tell you rub with coil brush i mean SOFTLY wire don’t need violence.

So that’s the ”How to clean our coils” Let’s check ”How not to” what we don’t have to do. There are many of these we do that we shouldn’t have but now I’m going to tell you the most important for me that you don’t do to the wire.

At first, you don’t let it stinky when we have a wire that hasn’t been clean even on the first day of use, is like we have a wire (and brain damage for me) which is used because simply our hands’ oils gather there.

So clean your coils, I don’t care how but keep them clean. 2nd we don’t have to do, this tool should not be abused you don’t get the coil brush and do this… softly, SO SOFTLY Tweezers. You don’t get the tweezers and press like this the coils Especially when you dry burn your coil that’s the worst you can do to your coil WHY? we have our coil and we got our tweezers, we pat nicely and we keep squeezing NOT when the coil is cold it doesn’t bother us much but when our coil heats up our wire becomes more soft when our wire is fragile and we squeeze this happens we don’t squeeze with our tweezers.

Also tweezer again when we rub above the coil and ”annoy” the outer wire we don’t use force. Soft. SOFTLY when we do our dry burn. SOFTLY Many do the mistake we did before we learn physics. Εxpansion & contraction at wire abrupt.

.. Wire goes bad. N80 is almost fragile so when we heat it, glow it or we dry burn it, whatever of 3 you want it’s the same thing and we put it in COLD water to have even more difference on temperature Because we can’t heat it, WAIT some seconds and then rub, not rub SOFTLY ”annoy” with coil brush.

Instead we put it in cold water and our wire has a problem at the point there wasn’t any. You can wait some seconds or minute to cool off nobody will be harmed (refer to the need to vape) If I can live for a minute without vaping You can also make it.

So this was for today I owed it for long, I hope you learn from it take care and keep your coils clean change cotton often or when needed Build On Vape On See you next video!


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