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How to make a vape trick

How to make a vape trick

hey everybody so a few of you asked about how to do some tricks and specifically I’m gonna show you how to do something with a vape now the three main ones i’m going to go over is doing rings a French inhale and I’m going to try to ghost but not very good at it so there we go so when you’re trying to blows with your throat what you’re doing is you’re kind of doing a really soft cough or the same motion is when you clear your throat like a huh what you’re going to go ahead and do is take that sound way down so instead of going huh it’s you feel the back of your throat kind of going septa and what you’re going to do is when you first started doing this it’s really figuring out how much air you need to use if you have vapor in your mouth and you get kind of like it’s a big big cloud but not much formation to it using too much air if youse two little air you can’t I just get like a little it’s not really moving that much like it looks like a little ball otherwise it’s just a big cloud coming up so the right amount of air you’re going to notice all of a sudden whoa it’s starting to look like a know the way to shape it otherwise you make a bigger and smaller is to have your mouth bigger or smaller it’s kind of like learning how to drive a stick shift you gotta figure how much clutch and gas to use is kind of well how much air and how do I shoot my mouth takes a lot of practice but the motion to push it out is that in the back your throat so that’s the way that I blows the second way to the blows is kind of use your jaw to close your mouth onto the paper that’s in your mouth and push it out like this or pop your jaw like this I’m not very good at it because I don’t practice it but it’s another way again it’s a practice thing you’re pretty much figuring out how much vapor to let out as well as how to shape your mouth as you’re doing it to set that second way being using your jaw and that motion of closing your mouth third way is to do Cheerios like this all you’re doing with that one is letting the date Brown slowly and then using your cheek the hollow mouth to push them out like little shapes and lows like that so now on to the French inhale now with this one where you’re going to be doing is you are pushing the vapor out of your mouth and then back up your nose and kind of like a continuous motion is what it looks like but when reality we’re doing is you have just a certain amount of vapor left in your mouth you’re slowly closing your mouth out use your tongue to push it out well this breathing in so show you that now so that’s the French inhale takes a lot of practice by keeping in mind the way you do it is you’re pushing you have a certain whatever baby you’re going to use you’re just pushing that out of your mouth while inhale and you’ll get better at it and being able to use a little bit more vapor being able to breathe out a little bit as you start breathing in its kind of circular breathing that’s kind of weird i’m not trying to explain it but pushing out of your mouth and breathing in through your nose the last type that I know how to do I mean I’m not very good at it is ghosting which is where you push the vapor out of your mouth but then pull it back in again before and you get all of it so it’s almost as if you never let anything out I’m going to go and give a shot so I can kind of get it I can’t really get all the vapor back in I’m not very good at I haven’t practiced that much well that’s all the main tricks that I wanted to go over if you have any suggestions for other tricks or you see other tricks you want me to try go and leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to give it a shot I may not be able to do it but i will film it and put it up of meat failing if that case if you have any other suggestions for videos i can you also leave comment below and suggestions reveals other than vaping I’m up for that I’m not necessarily making this dedicated vape Channel but it’d be kind of fun either way


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