Home Vape Tricks How To Push O’s 2018 | Vape Trick Tutorial | Tristan_Vapes

How To Push O’s 2018 | Vape Trick Tutorial | Tristan_Vapes

How To Push O’s 2018 | Vape Trick Tutorial | Tristan_Vapes

What’s up YouTube Tristan_Vapes here in this video i’m going to go in depth and teach you how to push os lets go Okay guys i’m sorry that it took me this long to make this tutorial but with the time that has past I feel like i can really explain this trick first of all make sure you have your O’s down I already made a tutorial on how to blow o’s so look for the i in the sky second you want sure your Os have enough momentum behind it and you want to make sure you can at least cough your os this far away from you.

Momentum is Key for this and make sure you are using that coughing method Once you have that down, let’s start pushing. So you can push your Os with anything as long as you understand how the ring works I say you should start with your head instead of using your hands and what i mean by that is learn how to do some head pushes before you do anything with your hands I just feel like if you learn how to do a head push it would really help you understand the motion of how to push Os As soon as you cough your O out you use your head and get right behind it and start to follow that ring you will slowly start to see what you can do with the head push So first off start practicing the head push Im going to show you guys a couple examples after you have head pushes down you can move over to using your hand or hands.

what ever works for you I started off using one hand, but i feel like two hands will give you better control of the ring. Okay so with O pushes when I see a lot of people starting out they like to catch the O a little bit after they cough that O out like right around here There is nothing wrong with that, but if you want a solid O push remember we said momentum is key what you want to do is catch that O right after you cough it out and what I like to do is have my hand or my hands right next to my face right before I cough out that O and right when I cough out that O I like to just get right behind it and just follow it and try to match its pace you can also flare out the fingers on your hands and what that does is it gives you more surface area and that gives you more control over the ring and it also enables you to make that ring bigger here are some examples of O pushes Okay, so that is O pushes, but do you also want to know how to throw Os across the room.

Remember momentum is key Its not as hard as you think, but it will take some practice. It’s like mixing together the head push and the hand push while you’re taking a step. Let me show you a few examples.

Alright that wraps up our tutorial on how to push Os I also have some big news I just created a website for all my content TristanVapes.com if you guys want to check that out and if you guys do, please give me some feedback.

that would be really nice. I also post daily on Instagram, so if you guys want to check out my daily content, you should check me out over there @Tristan_Vapes alright youtube thank you for watching this video If you liked it please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe.

There is also a little notification bell and if you hit that you will be notified everytime i make another upload For next weeks tutorial im thinking about going over the dragon exhale, doing double os, or bending os.

I’m not to sure yet. If you guys have any input please leave it down in the description below. But besides that, you vapers keep it cloudy.


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