Home Vape Tricks How to Tornado 2018 | Vape Trick Tutorial | Tristan_Vapes

How to Tornado 2018 | Vape Trick Tutorial | Tristan_Vapes

How to Tornado 2018 | Vape Trick Tutorial | Tristan_Vapes

What’s up YouTube, Tristan_Vapes here and today im going to show you how to do the tornado (does tornado) okay, so the tornado is a vape trick where you lay down a pool of vape and then you’re going to slide your hand in and swipe up and it will create a tornado.

This vape trick is the first vape trick that i learned and it’s very easy. Step 1. Take a hit of your vape Step 2. Very lightly exhale the vapor onto a flat surface Step 3. Slide your hand into the pool of vapor Step 4.

Swipe your hand up BAM you got your tornado Let me show you guys a few examples Shout out to Harry Potter for being our surface Alright so you’re going to want to have your hand flat like this with the surface of the table and what you’re going to do is, slide your hand into that pool of vape and swipe up like that or you can swipe up like that (Does example with steps) With a little bit of practice you will have this trick down in no time, this trick didn’t take me to long to learn and i believe you can do it to! I don’t know if you guys heard about the helix vape trick, but it is very similar to the tornado, i’m thinking about doing a tutorial for you guys as well, i’m just trying to find the right words for that, but if you guys are ready for that let me know.

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