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How to vape: Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking

How to vape: Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking

is vaping cheaper than smoking according to the A.S.H action on smoking and health the average 20 a day smoker will spend roughly three thousand pounds per year on cigarettes, that is a lot of money right.

and when you take into account what the cigarettes are actually doing to you it doesn’t make much sense at all. Also don’t forget that smoker is not the only person spending money on cigarettes the NHS spends roughly two billion per year on treatments for smoking related diseases caused by the harmful chemicals in manufactured cigarettes.

Think of all the places that that money could be better spent. So I hear you ask how much does Vaping actually cost. Initially when moving from smoking to vaping you will have to buy a starter kit and some e-liquid.

We recommend the one kit which comes in at $24.99 includes 10 mil of free e-liquid, after that you should only need to buy consumables, like replacement coils and liquid we estimate a roughly monthly expenditure of 30 to 60 pounds on a e-juice and around 15 pound per month and replacement parts.

This could vary depending on your kit and how much you vape. At the higher end of this estimate you would be spending around 75 pound per month at the lower around 45 quite a saving compared to the 250 pound A.

S.H. estimate smokers would spend in the same period. More advanced vaping kits do cost more money they’re more expensive to produce and technically advanced but again once that initial purchase is made or you’re dealing with its consumables and e-liquid all of which are a lot cheaper than another year of cigarettes and let’s not forget according to public health England vaping is 95 percent less harmful something to think about right so that’s it for today like and share this video leave a message in the comments section below letting us know what you think don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with all of our latest videos and check out our website for more information


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