Home Product Reviews I Bought A VAPE On WISH HAVA ONE Review And VYPE Giveaway

I Bought A VAPE On WISH HAVA ONE Review And VYPE Giveaway

I Bought A VAPE On WISH HAVA ONE Review And VYPE Giveaway

I don’t know whats going on woooooowww! wooohooohoooo! heyyyyyy,heyyy, heyyy, ohhhh, What’s up my ducklings! I am Fumb Duck and welcome back to my channel! welcome to the vape channel review place area today’s video is actually very odd and interesting so I decided to go outside my boundaries of buying traditional vapes and I went on wish and ordered a vape and this is called the hava one kit, I have not seen any reviews on it I have not seen anything on the internet about it I really can’t find enough information about the product all the information and necessities are in the box so what I’m gonna do is unbox it, see how this wish vape really is.

Apparently it was originally $230 and it got marked down to $30 I know it’s really hard to believe because that’s what wish does they pretend like things are more expensive than they’re supposed to be and they mark it down and crazy so people buy it’s a good marketing scheme it works, I bought it! So the hava one kit pod system, so I’m gonna unbox this and we’re gonna see how this thing is and how it works and we’ll see what’s so special about it.

But before I get this video if you want more vape unboxings, vape reviews, and to stay up-to-date to the latest vape information subscribe down below to my channel I promise you I will not disappoint alright let’s unbox the hava one kit I don’t even know how to open this up without destroying everything, here comes the plastic haha there we go, the hava one apparently has 350 milliamps of battery that’s pretty low for 30 bucks it’s not bad and it is refillable right, one thing they heavily advertised about the Hava one is that it’s 99 grams in weight so I mean that’s pretty good pretty light for a pod system.

All pod systems are generally really light these days and now lets open it up look at that, looks like a freaking spaceship man wait what I don’t know what’s going like what apparently it has a 16,5 degree drip tip design which is kind of cool it has three optional power outputs which is also nice and that’s pretty much it bottom of it we got the pod on the right here and we got the cord which is conveniently a microUSB thank God you guys did this is wicked easy to charge the USB is actually really boujie, it’s like a flat red cord looks really nice matches the box and it comes with the certification the serial and the booklet which is good because might have to return this if it doesn’t work, got shipped from China right and here’s the pod, the pod is all felty I’m not sure why there is felt on it it has cotton coils apparently and it is 2 milliliter pod size which is good that’s good that’s a standard for like pod systems out there unlike the Juul which has zero point seven milliliters, so I highly suggest to stay away from that but I don’t know what this plastic isn’t like what’s going on like came with a lid.

Oh the lid is magnetic it goes on, look at this Wow look at that that’s freakin cool so I guess the way to pop it up is to like lift that I don’t want this plastic okay so that’s one thing you can’t do the plastic is always gonna be out which is weird unless I chop it that’s kind of annoying I don’t like that one just rip it off they could peel off the lid with my nail the pod goes right in here.

Says the charging times about ninety minutes which is cool, I am reading all this in the pamphlet because I can’t find any information about this product, apparently the material on the hava has antibacterial coating so everywhere you touch the bacteria instantly dies supposedly which is kind of cool I mean I don’t think any other vape has done that.

So my guess for better contact some reason you got to keep the felt on when you put the pod in. To fill this pod up and to fill it up you actually have to pop off the top it just comes off like that you can fill it in the two holes here okay I filled it up a little bit kind of see the liquid in there as soon as I put the pod in the lights are flashing at the bottom here turns out that actually the power button and where you inhale from so when you put the lid on I guess you could like press it through the lid and just inhale pretty straightforward has a drip the drip tip is right up here is where you inhale so I pulled off the silicone so the battery life between thirty and a hundred the light will flash white but below thirty percent will flash yellow and when it’s completely dead it will flash red ten times so that’s good to know if you purchase this products unless you’re confused I’ll now put the I’m gonna let the coil saturate a little bit.

I put the lid back on and to turn it on you got press it five times alright it clicks in which is kind of cool is I haven’t seen a pod system like clicking like this like this looks and you can hear it there’s light flashing indicating that it’s on the hava has three different modes, it has a taste mode, a powerful taste mode, and a bypass mode when it blinks white its tastes mode and it blinks green it’s powerful taste mode and when the LED blinks blue it is bypass mode and then we got to try out the clouds or just try out the flavor and this powerful taste mode and see if it’s really stands up to what it says one thing I forgot to mention it is draw activated so even though you’re pressing it on and off you can’t really use the button press it down to actually vape it so strong to me you just have to inhale it’s kind of cool so let’s try the cloud flavor this.

Wow the clouds are Big. Flavor amazing like I actually taste everything like the device on powerful taste mode actually makes you taste and powerfully if that makes sense unreal I can’t believe it actually works so well I’m gonna try to max this out now see if they can really withstand the test and I believe it does have a ten-second timer as well it works at least that’s it for this vape review but wait before you go announce the winner of two weeks ago’s contest for the smok Infinix and the winner is manek man I love your answer congratulations I will contact you soon but again waitttttt, I got another contest for you beautiful ducklings today we got the vype epod pro that I’m gonna give away to one lucky winner an excellent device cheap has excellent clouds and the pods are very very cheap so if you want to win this contest you’re gonna have to like subscribe down below and comment down below the question for this week and the question for this week is what is the weirdest vape you have ever had? Purchasing it from somewhere else not a store from an online site that’s not really known let me know in the comments down below the weirdest vape you have had and the weirdest vape experience you have had down below.

Thank you my ducklings and my new viewers and subscribers for tuning into my channel this week I appreciate you guys so much and we’re so close to number 2 – 2K and that’s all thanks to you guys and appreciate that so much you want more videos if you want more vape reviews unboxings and to stay up-to-date to the latest vape information subscribe down below to my channel I really really would appreciate it and I’m sure you would not regret it.

On that note Fumb, duck, out! wow Fumb duck on the track I’m here to celebrate because I did something great okay so all of you I’ve got a bunch of you


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