Home Product Reviews I LOVE DONUTS e-Liquid Review By Mad Hatter e-Liquids

I LOVE DONUTS e-Liquid Review By Mad Hatter e-Liquids

I LOVE DONUTS e-Liquid Review By Mad Hatter e-Liquids

hi guys welcome to my review for I love Donuts by Mad Hatter eliquid all mad hatter liquid is made in the US it’s available in only 30 min later quantities is available in only a 60 VG and 40 PG blend and nicotine options are zero three six and 12 milligrams I love Donuts is described as the deliciously fun taste of fresh blueberries with a sugary glaze Cape donor all the satisfaction of a real doughnut but with none of the calories so let’s see how it tastes ok so when when you when you inhale this the first thing you get is the sweetness but right behind that you’ll get the flowery it’s like it’s flat it’s a flowery description it’s a flowery sort of doughnut taste I think that’s probably why they call it I could a cake doughnut I’ve never a term cake doughnut before a bit if that’s the sort of thing that like the rush aiming for them they’ve hit that on there it’s it’s quite way to describe you mean you’re getting the dough sort of taste but there’s something behind that it just gives it it gives it a texture actually and it’s really unusual it’s great it really is a interesting experience subtle fruit surrounds the whole flavor now it says blueberry I can’t necessarily pick blueberry out on its own I’m getting a fruit so for argument’s sake will say it’s blueberry but I won’t call it a blueberry flavor I from the off and it’s yeah it’s great really as it is not compare it to other donut juiciest you’re not it stands out it stands out from other donor juices like sodo not pebbles and stuff like that it really is a fundamentally different type of donut juice wow so but so you’re comparing if to compare it to those juices like that it’s like donuts is it’s got so much flavor in it it’s got so much favorite flavor crammed into the vape now this has got a lot of flavor by far but everything seems more subtle but more balanced and that’s one thing that pebbles and donuts lacked big time for me this this is just got everything in it in a step and it hits you in an order every single time and it’s it’s a nice experience it’s to call it a tasting journey like that sort of thing you get in that you getting the sweetness you getting the cake doughnut you getting this getting the fruity flavor and all when you exhale it’s just like a bang you’re getting it all in one go right there but is that the inhale it’s it’s a all slowly building up and it’s it’s really really good it’s it’s a great juice so so so good and what I like is well that the Mad Hatter have gone you know the pot forty percent beat mpg in this and the weird thing is that this juice isn’t that runny for a PG base juice it is really really good so yeah 10 out of 10 for me I absolutely love all of those Nazi it’s a great juice and I’ll be vaping it for a long time excellent stuff and my heart a little bit okay so that’s a review done and I hope you find it informative you can find me on Twitter at ginger underscore vapor you can also find me on instagram instagram search for ginger v are all one word all lower case thanks very much for watching and I’ll see you next time


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