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I Love Vaping ❤ E-Cig Infomercial – CertoEnt, UK

I Love Vaping ❤ E-Cig Infomercial – CertoEnt, UK

Hi, my name is Marcel and I’m from Holland I’ve been vaping for over 2 years now When climbing a set of stairs became an effort for me and I was getting heavy breathing that was the time I notice I need to stop smoking and fix my health I feel much different as a vaper than as a smoker when I used to smoke I smoked for only 4 years.

Only in that 4 years I already noticed what sort of influence it had on my health. But with vaping, as soon as I started vaping I could only see improvements and improvements. I vape because it’s a healthier alternative to smoking, of course Maybe there is not enough studies done on it Maybe people don’t know properly if it’s safe or not, but I feel better with vaping than smoking.

If someone was smoking 20 a day, I would probably recommend just a basic starter kit with, probably 18mg (1.8ml) strength liquid A regular 900mAh battery would give the equivalent of smoking 25, maybe 30 cigarettes It will keep the electronic cigarette smaller, so they can carry it around It will actually give them enough power to go for a day Most of the time I’m using adjustable voltage box mods I’m using mechanical mods as well If someone didn’t really smoke many cigarettes, I would most likely just recommend them to stop smoking at all Not even go to vaping I usually ask customers about how they’re getting on They used to say that they never believed that there’s gonna be a day that they’re going to stop smoking But they say it’s like a miracle for them.


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