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Ijoy Shogun Univ Mod Review

Ijoy Shogun Univ Mod Review

hello there YouTube and my future subscribers today is going to be my first ever youtube video and we are going to take a look at this beautiful iJoy Shogun Univ mod that I picked up from aliexpress.com I’m not gonna waste your time any longer so let’s take a closer look at it here is the packaging the Ijoy Shogun Univ mod comes in I would like to talk about the front side of the packaging a little bit before we begin if you remember the early review units came in a package where next to the mod there were two logos one about the maximum power output of the device and the second one was about a six thousand milliamphour built in battery well this mod has got no built in LiPo batteries so I assume early in the development process they were planning the mod with a built-in LiPo and later on they changed their minds so at least for the retail packaging they removed that but if you take a look at Ijoy’s website they mention this 6000 milliamphour battery capacity a couple of times for this mod so I’m wondering what happened so okay on the back side no specifications whatsoever only the package contents it says again here Ijoy Shogun mod so Ijoy please decide is it an Ijoy Shogun Univ mod or just Shogun mod below that there is a scratch and check, social media, some warnings for California on this side you can see the picture of a Shogun very nice on the other side there are some regulatory information like CE Marking FCC if we remove the sleeve we can find a box inside that has absolutely no branding whatsoever we can lift up the lid put it to the side for now here’s the mod sitting in a nice soft touch plastic bag put it to the side for the moment let’s remove the foam put it to the side and inside of the package we can find another box and if we open this box we can find inside a high quality looking braided micro USB cable really nice and some paperwork and a silica gel package something else so let’s take a look at this this is the warranty card yeah I have no experience with Ijoy’s warranty service so I can’t speak for them the next is a user manual for the mod with custom curves battery safety and so on and so forth and there is a small Ijoy leaflet where they advertise some of the giveaways tickets stuff like this and their social media over here alright let’s put back everything into the box and finally the big reveal I’m gonna remove the mod from its packaging we can pack everything back and put it to the side I would like to check the 510 connection because if you watch DJLSB’s his review he pointed out that there is no sealing underneath the 510 connection so now I’m going to disassemble the 510 connection and check if for the retail version they included an oring or not and here we go I removed the two screws holding the negative connection of the 510 to the top and as you can see just like in DJLSB’s disassembly video there is absolutely no gasket oring whatsoever that keeps the liquid out of the mod okay I screwed the 510 connection back to the mod as you can see and there is another thing I would like to point out or show you now prior to the unboxing I haven’t used this mod yet I just had a brief look at the packaging before I shut the unboxing video but here on the corner and also on the bottom corner I can see that the painting has come off a little bit and I think it was caused by the packaging let’s take some measurements so the depth of the mod came out at 28.

36 mm or 1.1 inches it is about 3.4 inches or 88.4 millimeters high the width came out at 54.6 millimeters or 2.1 inches and I would also like to measure the depth of that positive pin 0.15 inches or it came out exactly at 4 millimeters let’s talk about the mod on top we have a centered spring-loaded 510 connection very firm spring and the negative part is fixed to the zinc alloy frame by two screws so it’s not gonna come out on you anytime soon on the bottom we have a beautiful Shogun univ mod logo and designed by Ijoy with some battery venting holes on this side we have a fixed beautiful resin panel nothing on the backside on the front side we have a nice firm clicky fire button up and down buttons also very clicky a monochrome OLED screen and a micro USB port for charging and firmware update cable although I suggest you don’t charge your batteries inside of the mod and on this side we have the removable battery door with a thick gorgeous resin panel inside of the battery door we have got two nicely designed and recessed magnets I don’t think they will come out anytime soon and a univ logo that represents the CPU inside if we take a look at the battery compartment we have a battery strap to remove the batteries battery A and B are marked QC pass and positive negative markings although they are really hard to see so please Ijoy mark them with a contrasting color for example white it’s time to insert the batteries on the left side positive side up on the right side negative side up and the battery go door goes into place really nicely when you insert the batteries the device turns on but I’m gonna turn it off by clicking the fire button five times to show you the boot screen and the firmware version mine says version 1.

5 I’ve updated this device shortly after I received it and the only user facing difference compared to the firmware on the early early review units version 1.2 is now that you can lock the buttons by short pressing on the plus and minus buttons like this now you see it says lock but there is a problem with that if you do that it does not only look the plus and minus buttons but the fire button as well and in my opinion it doesn’t make sense if I want to lock the whole device I can just simply turn it off by clicking the fire button five times so Ijoy I would recommend you change it if I press on the plus and minus buttons it should only lock those buttons by the way you can unlock it if you short press on these buttons again when you turn on the device for the first time you are greeted with the voltage mode on top of the screen we have the set wattage your pre-heat your voltage your resistance your puff counter and battery A and B bars you can change the wattage by pressing the up or down button and as you can see it scrolls in .

1 Watt increments up to up to 100 Watts you see it still in .1 increments and once you press the press and hold the button starts to scroll really fast so it’s difficult to find the wattage you wanna set you see from 100 watts it scrolls 1 watt increments all the way up to 180 watts but it does not round-robin so you have to go all the way down to in my case 60 watts I think they should change the wattage setting by having 1 watt increments from 20 watts like all the other mod manufacturers do so we are slowly going back to 60 watts there you go so that was wattage mode if we click the fire button 3 times we enter into the menu system the next option is temperature control you have nickel titanium stainless steel m1 m2 and exit let’s choose stainless steel and here is the temperature control screen on top you have the voltage you have the wire stainless steel you have your temperature either in degree Celsius or degree Fahrenheit you have your ohms your puffs and the battery bars to adjust the wattage in temperature control mode you press the plus button and then you can start adjusting the wattage in as you can see here as well in .

1 watt increments okay if you press the fire button you save the wattage setting if you press the minus button you enter into the temperature setting menu you have 600 Fahrenheit max and if you and as you can see if I stop pushing the buttons it confirms the selection as well so it’s a little bit confusing so let’s change the wattage back to 60 watts fire button you can confirm this action by the fire button as well go back to the temperature setting so it Scrolls in one degree increments if you get to the end of the degree Celsius settings 316 degrees Celsius then it round-robins to Fahrenheit and you can go all the way up to 600 Fahrenheit as you can see slowly you are getting here yeah we are there and if you press the UP button it round robins so if you have round robin here why don’t you have roundup in there as well sorry Ijoy it doesn’t make sense to me let’s press the fire button three times again to check the other menu options the next mode you have is called pod and that’s basically the mode for Ijoy’s pod adapter that was introduced with the Ijoy katana universal kit back in September 2018 I believe and you can go all the way up to three point eight volts here and it doesn’t round-robin either and I don’t have that pod adapter so I can’t try this mode back to the menu system the next oops you see the reversed plus and minus buttons the next option is your preheat you can choose normal hard soft or user self-explanatory user mode you have six setting options to set up your own wattage curve you can change the wattage by the up and down buttons with the fire button you can move between the different periods you have six in total and if you go to the exit button you can exit by pressing either that plus or minus button when you do that there you are as you can see now below the wattage I have the user curve basically we go back to the menu system the next one with a different size of icon for whatever reason I don’t understand why you have your TCR so basically here you can setup the TCR for M 1 and M 2 if I go in you can see TCR M 1 and M 2 you can change the setting with the up and down buttons you can move in the menu by the fire button and you can exit by pressing either the plus or minus button the next option in the settings menu is called settings but you haven’t got many settings here you can either reset your puff counter and you can choose your screen timeout 10 30 60 or 90 seconds I enjoy why rest there is an e missing and you clearly have space for that e so please squeeze in that e so it spells correctly like puff reset okay but I’m not gonna reset my puff counter now and I will choose the screen timeout to 30 seconds and basically that’s the menu system let’s do a little size comparison here I have the Hugovapor Ranger mod on the right and as you can see if we compare the height they are but they are about the same height but the Ranger mod is a little bit thicker and the Ijoy mod is a little bit wider than my Hugovapor Ranger mod but in this one the PCB is behind the batteries while here the PCB is next to the batteries both have centered beautiful 510 connections but this mod comes with a huge color LCD display extra menu button LEDs and a controversial design which I actually like a lot so yeah let’s go back on top and let me tell you what I think about the Ijoy Shogun Univ mod and here we are back from the close-up and it’s time to discuss what do I think about this mod okay I’m gonna start with cons and the first con is going to be that even though there were three firmware updates since the first review units were sent out to the reviewers and the only change I can see at least on the surface is now that you can lock the buttons if you short press the plus and minus buttons but unfortunately when you do that it locks the fire button as well I think it doesn’t make sense if I want to lock the device completely then I just simply turn it off by five clicks yeah so in my opinion like most of the other mod manufacturers do that if you press on the plus and minus buttons it should only look the adjustability buttons but you should be still able to fire the device so please Ijoy issue another firmware update and fix that another subjective con is that the mod scrolls in .

1 increments up to 100 watts I think this should be changed as well and it should scroll in one watt increments from 20 watts in my opinion like most of the other mod manufacturers do that another con and I don’t know how a company that manufactures mods for a long time can do something like this when you are in the menu system the UP button Scrolls down and the down button scrolls up come on how long does it take to fix this Ijoy another nitpicky con if you go to the settings menu and you look at the puff reset it says puff rest for some reason they can clearly squeeze in another e so then it should it would state puff reset correctly please Ijoy fix it it doesn’t take much effort in my opinion what I would also like to see here in the beginning of 2019 from a mod that came out just two months ago is battery percentage on the screen I mean you clearly have real estate on the screen for that you can make the voltage the same size and style as the ohm reading and the puff counter you might be also able to squeeze in the amperage and then you could also squeeze in the battery percentage somewhere on the screen you have space for that please implement it if possible because this is a relatively new controller and I think those are the cons let’s move on to the more fun part the pros my pros that should I discuss that in details I love this mod simply by the look of it I love how clean the lines are how beautiful and soft touch these resin panels are the battery door doesn’t move at all which is a nice thing they fixed it for the retail versions I like this Shogun branding on the bottom and the battery venting holes as well I love the centered 510 connection I love the design and details to attention on the buttons I mean it has these Hi-Fi button look on it with the chamfered edges on all buttons also the buttons are very clicky it feels good another Pro is that the device fires really fast I mean if you just try to turn it off it fires instantly when you are doing this 5 click thing thingy I would also like to talk about battery life in my reviews so since the unboxing video I’ve been using this mod exclusively the unboxing was done three weeks ago and since then I did 10 945 puffs on it so I used about probably twenty battery packs inside and I calculated the average puff per battery at 60 Watts point 4 ohm resistance with this Geekvape Alpha sub ohm tank I used only this tank on this mod since the beginning and my calculated average puff is 520 that means to me almost one day battery life on this mod and I think this is pretty good so overall do I like this device.

No, I actually love it I’m gonna keep using it as long as I get another device for review and maybe even afterwards so great job Ijoy congratulations from my side I saw that you already came out with the Ijoy Shogun jr.

mod which has a built-in lipo battery it’s a more compact than this mod as I have seen it on our reviewers channel but I like the design of the Ijoy Shogun mod better Oops I almost forgot about rating and pricing so how do I rate it on a scale from zero to ten I give it a 7 yeah that high and if they would fix the firmware issues I mentioned in my review I would even go as high as 8 pricing when I personally picked it up over at aliexpress.

com during the New Year Sale Event for 30 bucks but you can find it anywhere between 30 and 50 bucks nowadays on places like heaven gifts gearbest and I’m sure the US and UK retailers are selling this mod around the same price so thank you very much for watching see you next time please subscribe like my videos dislike them if you didn’t like it comment down below and let me know what you think about this mod if you have it or if you don’t have it are you still thinking about purchasing it thanks again until the next one bye


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