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Inawera – Am4A Review +Recipe 60%VG (DIY Eliquid AmphorA INW am4a Flavor Review)

Inawera – Am4A Review +Recipe 60%VG  (DIY Eliquid AmphorA INW am4a Flavor Review)

Welcome back to do it yourself eliquid recipes and to one more single flavor review. In todays video I will take a look at Inaweras Amphora Tobacco concentrate. A very aromatic and floral tobacco flavor created to imitate the flavor of the very popular amphora pipe tobacco.

This is a fairly new concentrate from Inawera and a very good one to try out if you like vaping light tobacco flavors. It can be used as the main base in a recipe or mixed in with other tobacco flavors to create a fuller taste.

The Amphora it is not exactly a tobacco in a sense that it is too mellow and too floral compared to other flavors like Desert Ship or Latakia as examples. Inawera describes the Am4a as a bitter and fruity tobacco with hints of chocolate.

I tried it solo at 3% mixed with 47%PG and 50% Vegetable glycerin steeped for about 10 days. After vaping about 5ml of it I find it not so bitter tasting and actually it tastes kinda mellow to me, with a slight hint of chocolate or coffee taste on the exhale.

There might be a slight touch of black currants in this too and this is what they might be referring to as fruits in their description. One of my favorite things about the Am4a is the vape cloud smell, it has a sweet tobacco smell that is not offensive to the nose and I have actually had people say that they like how it smells.

After trying this flavor for a while now I decided on a recipe that I will share here with you too. First we start with 2% of Am4a, then 2% of Ry4 Double from tfa, 0.25% Burley from FA, 0.5% of Acetyl Pyrazine from TPA, 0.

25% of vanillin from tpa, 0.5% of smooth from TPA, and finishing with 1% of ethyl Maltol. Mixed in with 60%VG and 33.5%PG. You could let it fast steep over night or about 7days if you can wait. This recipe is a nice mellow tobacco eliquid that has a good blend of different tobaccos and the right accents to make a full flavor and sweet tobacco taste ideal as an all day vape or paired with your morning cup of coffee.

To make it more bold you could bring down the ethyl Maltol to 0.5% and raise the am4a to 3% as a starting point. In general I want to say that AM4a or amphora is a very good approach to a mild tobacco concentrate and it would fill the roll best as a partner tobacco.

You can use this flavor in your current tobacco recipes at around 1% as a tobacco booster, or you can use it to mellow down other harsher or bolder tobaccos without diluting or weakening their original flavor too much.

It’s a nice blend with a distinct aroma something you would expect from a pipe tobacco flavor so it doesn’t fail to deliver what it promises. If you already have this flavor let me know how you like to use it in your mixing.

Now I hope you found this information useful, as always thank you for watching. And ill see you on the next video.


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