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Inawera – Cactus Review + Quick Fruit Recipe 60%VG (DIY Eliquid Cactus or Kaktus INW Flavor Review)

Inawera – Cactus Review + Quick Fruit Recipe 60%VG (DIY Eliquid Cactus or Kaktus INW Flavor Review)

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. Today I have one more review video and it is for a very special flavor, this is about Inaweras Cactus. Chances are you might have heard about this one before.

It is a very popular flavor and for some people a staple in their collection. Especially experienced commercial ejuice makers use this flavor in many fruity mixes as a balancer or flavor toner. It will brighten up fruits and mask undesirable aftertastes when used correctly.

The actual taste of this flavor is similar to dragon fruit but more mellow, and to some people it also tastes like fresh aloe vera. Personally I can pick up a slight citrus taste, its similar to jackfruit or dragonfruit but less intense and has a little more tartness in it.

It is definitely a flavor to be mixed in and not so great solo unless you are a big fan of the cactus taste. It will pair very well with other fruits like pear, watermelon or banana. Also I have seen a lot of recipes that use cactus together with lemon or limes even Inawera has a combination of cactus and lime premixed so this seems like it would be another good option to mix it with if you like sour eliquids.

It can also be used at 0.5% inside pretty much any fruit recipe to add some extra freshness to the mix. I would recommend to start using it at 0.5% up to 1% in the beginning to see how it works for you first.

I have seen some suggestions of 2 or 3% but I wouldn’t go that high personally with this flavor.Now I will give you a quick recipe to see it being used in a mix for a better idea on this flavor. First I will start with 1% of cactus from Inawera, then 2% Kiwi Double from flavor apprentice, 2% Double Apple from Capella, 1% Pear Candy from flavor apprentice and 2% of sweet strawberry Capella, mixed with 60vegetable glycerin and 32% propylene glycol.

This is a simple and fruity recipe that it might look weird on paper but the profile of all these different flavors blends in to a nice and floral juice that vapes light and is full of tropical taste.

So similar to this any other mix that has fruits as the main ingredients should work well with 0.5 or 1% of cactus as an enhancer or even as an additional flavor. It is a very versatile concentrate and once you try it you will understand why that is yourself too.

It is not guaranteed that it will appeal to everyone but it is a unique flavor that its worth at least trying if you are looking for something new. As far as other concentrates with these flavor, I couldn’t find any other ones named cactus or anything similar.

So I looked for something similar to its taste and maybe cucumber from capella comes a little close because of the green flavor that it has similar to fresh cut grass. But its not a true cactus alternative exactly.

I looked for commercial eliquids for sale locally that have this flavor profile and the only one I could find is this one named cactus juice. But internationally in other counties it seems that there are few other options to try.

Now this is what I have prepared for this flavor. I will make a recipe video next, so thank you for watching and see you next time.


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