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Infinity by RELX – Indonesia Vape Introduction

Infinity by RELX – Indonesia Vape Introduction

Vaper Baper, Welcome back to our chan.. Ups! There was “technical interuption” (laugh) Welcome back to our youtube channel, VaperStuff Indonesia. The Home For All Vapers. And today we are gonna introduce RELX! RELX! RELX! When RELX first time released, I felt quite impressed.

Because it was not new product. And at that time, another similiar product has been released. But, beyond expectations, it can compete and survive until now. Even now they launched new product again. The market share is good, and they still got many enthusiasts.

That’s the reasons why I am so impressed with RELX. For all the “Newbies”, who just start vaping. No,no,no. There is no such things as “Newbies” There are only “people who do vaping” and “people who do not vaping”.

So there is no “Newbie” or “Expert”, moreover “Man, you are the expert” things,,No,no. For you who never heard about RELX before,, RELX is, in my opinion, the pod’s variation. But compare to other, it has its own style and strengths especially at flavoring part.

But,,, Well, no time to waste anymore,, Let’s have a closer look. Ok guys, so this is the closer look. The packaging is like this. This is the latest RELX. RELX Infinity. See, it’s already has “Infinity Symbol” And we got,,how many?,,Oh we got 3 along with the accessories.

This represent the color of the product inside,,, Red, black, and white. Right. Red, black, and white. I think the Red one is cute. Alright, let’s open the Red one. RELX Infinity. This is the scratch code, to ensure you got the authentic.

And then,,,none,none,none,,, This the batch number. Inform the producing date. So you guys will know when this product was made. Light on. But there is no button,,(joke) RELX! RELX! RELX! RELX! Now let’s we see the shape,,, It’s still,,, still no change.

There is also Type C USB Cable,,, And,,yes, as usual does not include pod or cartridge. Because they sell the device only first. This is the Manual Book and User Agreement. Only RELX has agreement for their user.

.(laugh) Discovering RELX’s Secret Recipe. Because RELX Infinity use “The Smoothest” as their tagline. What we call it,,, Smooth,,, Oh, Super Smooth! The tagline is Super Smooth. What is the definition of Smooth Flavor? “It’s smoothly touch my throat” “Both the lip’s movement and the cloud’s temperature are familiar to me” Wow, it’s fierce, right? RELX Super Smooth.

There are two technology. Here they are. Performa RELX. Comfortable temperature in mouth. So it won’t over warm cloud. Also rich in cloud production. Silent use. So it will be so quite. That is why it’s called Super Smooth because it’s quite.

So said the Manual Book. We haven’t try it yet, so let me read their “sweet promises”, “their campaign” then we prove it. And then, what’s next? Consistently Smooth Cloud Quality. Proactive Constant Atomization of Pro Vapor.

Air Boost Design. Good! Reactivate Familiar Feelings. Is it enough for produced good flavor? We can make it equal as star chef, Michelin. Quality. Reliably. And what’s next? Good for relaxation, bla bla,, Here it is Charging Information.

Output electric current is 1 Ampere. Average charging time is 45 minutes. Battery capacity is 380 mAh with 400 times inhale probabilty. And then, what else? Ok, ok,ok, Fine. That’s all. And they claimed, their current cartridge is leakingproof.

Even, if you are inside airplane, or when you experience difference in air pressure,, It won’t leak. Because there are 15 layers or 15 parts made it difficult to get leak or leakingproof. Ok, let’s we try.

. Let’s we try it. Because what is a promise without proof,right? So, I already have the mod. Well, we can say it mod. The body. Alright. So we have 5, 5 flavors. RELX Pod 3 percent pro fresh red, dark sparkle, garden’s heart, RELX menthol plus, and 3 percent tangy purple.

I think it’s cute (took out tangy purple). I also want to try,, but I don’t like menthol, at all. But the 5 percent’s pod is only the menthol,, So,, what the hell,, I will try it. So, 5 percent indicates the nicotine’s level.

So, I will try the 3 and 5 percent pod. What is this? It’s different from another? (mumbling) They want us to try this one? (talk to staff) Is it different because it’s the best? Alright. No problem. Let’s try it also.

Let’s try it all. First, we will try Fresh Red Oh,,, There are 2 pieces in 1 box. Sample, not for sale. Ok, 2 pieces in 1 box. And, right. Maybe some of you wondering why these cans already has a flavor, and else,, Yes, you are right.

RELX has Closed System. So it can not be refilled with another liquid. So, you must buy cartridge alongside with its content. This is the cover to keep it steril. Bottom part already opened. Can’t wait to try.

For your information, this product still use same basic like previous RELX, called “FEELM” set. This is not just Ceramic technology,, But this is a Carbon Ceramic or something Ceramic And this Ceramic has its own cover also layers which make it different from other.

That’s why they can survive the competition. Oh, it’s still sealed, guys (unplug the seal). It’s vibrating,, Let’s start from the Mouth Piece Even though using same Zinc Alloy material, RELX Infinity is a little bit heavier than previous series.

And the screen,, Sorry, not screen. The LED is only here,, Let’s check. Oh no,,, Battery is runs out,,,I must charge it using cable, or,,(tada!) This is Infinity Charging Case! So, this Charger is a Wireless Charging.

In this body, already include Wireless Charging. It’s Cool, isn’t it? Nowadays, even charging using Wireless Charging Let’s we see,,, See,,, It says “1000 mAh”. So, it’s like powerbank. RELX Infinity Charger Case.

You just to put it inside, like this,,, But it has, what is it call, Wire Connector right here. So, how can it said wireless,, Oh, I got it! So, it is wireless, but not 100% wireless. Because it still has connecter, right here.

I thought it will be like iPhone’s wireless or something, but it is not. It’s still has a connector,,,but,,, Well we can say it’s wireless because use no cable. If using cable, it plug in here. But it will use connector, like electric shaver or docking.

I think is more suitable to call it as Docking Charging Station instead of wireless. Don’t you agree? Because wireless it means with the wireless without anything in between, just put it down, and it will charge.

So, it’s more like a docking. We put it here and it’s immediately charging. So, we can bring it everywhere, like powerbank. And if 1000 mAh divide 380,,, It can be use around 3 times. Cool. It’s cool.

.. But call it wireless,,, I don’t like it, bro. It’s docking station. Not wireless. Let’s use the black one for a while… Just like its called. Super Smooth! Even when I inhale it, there was no noise, no gurgling.

You know, gurgling. Gurgling is like sequences cloud release. And it will make sound like,, guurrff,, guurrff,, It’s called gurgling. And the coil make that sound. But it didn’t make that sound. Extremely smooth! Very cool! Just like as their tagline “Sweet to Smooth” it’s.

.. To be honest, I never found a pod as smooth as this. It’s true! I think, the air hole size is perfect. Need no effort when use it. Absolutely smooth. Air hole is perfect. And,,, Flavoring is quite good.

There is this mint flavor, but not too ‘mint’. Even myself can enjoy it. It feels like (thinking) ‘SEMONGKO! Let’s go, sis! SEMONGKO!'(laugh) (SEMONGKO means watermelon, but nowadays people use it for a joke) It’s Watermelon flavor, guys.

Watermelon flavor that not,, How to say it,, In terms of flavor, it will not make you feel intimidated. The flavor is so light, smooth, relaxing,, Like fresh watermelon. Not just ‘mint’, but fresh watermelon.

For 3% nicotine I think,, Well, back to tagline. They do not sell the throat hit’s sensation. So it’s absolutely hyper, super smooth… Sweet to smooth. Everything is good,, but I,, I am satisfying. Nicotine is quite satisfying.

It’s true. Nicotine is quite satisfying. I think I am gonna try 2 flavors only. This one is the 3%,, Let me try you, man! This is the,, what is this? Tangle Purple. Judge from the color, it seems has grapes flavor.

Alright, let’s we try the Tangy Purple. It’s great, guys! You definitely can taste grapes, fresh, But it won’t leave ‘too sweet, too strong’ after taste in your tongue. It just so relaxing and so smooth when inhale it.

It is good. Nice, bro! Nice. Good job. Good job. Ok.. I think that’s everything I could share about RELX Infinity to you. With their hashtag “Sweet to Smooth”, it make me so impressed. Because it’s definitely smooth in every aspect.

No intimidating. When inhale it, you feel relax, smooth, soft, light, taste good. Anyway, for further detail, just check their IG at relx_id. And,, that’s all. See you on next video. I am Vernando Hose Hula Hula.

Keep in this channel, eh, keep stay tune in this channel. The Home For All Vapers, Vaper Stuff Indonesia. Bye bye!


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