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Innokin Zenith MTL Tank by Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis Vape Review | Product Spotlight!

Innokin Zenith MTL Tank by Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis Vape Review | Product Spotlight!

Hey what’s up Youtube and welcome to another great product spotlight video. Brought to you by Mt Baker Vapor and today we’ve got a product that i’m really excited to introduce to everybody! Something that is just hitting our shelves.

You won’t see this too many other places and it wasn’t really my style of product but I kind of, I kind of started trying it out and kept an open mind and i gotta tell you i really love this thing. I have always been a direct to lung style of vapor.

So for mouth to lung style devices to really stand out it just it really, that really said something to me that this has to be an incredible device and that’s all preference. I know i know everyone’s got their own thing.

But, what we got today is the Innokin Zenith mouth to lung tank. This is a combination of an effort between Innokin and Phil Busardo. I don’t know if any of you are familiar with Phil but he also partnered with them on the Ares tank, which is also a great mouth to lung tank.

And like i said, i’m just blown away by this by this product. It almost never leaves my hand now and I never thought i’d say that about a mouth to lung device. So, why don’t we go ahead and dive down and take a closer look.

And here is the up-close look at the Zenith Tank by Innokin and Phil Busardo. And like i was saying, this is just…I can’t say enough good things about this tank. I’m sure there, there are a few cons and most of those will be subjective, but i honestly can’t think of any and even just from the packaging here i mean just it’s beautifully packaged! Nice solid package! The way everything comes up it’s like opening up a little Christmas present.

Right off the bat, we get the qr code. We get a little message from Phil and Dimitri, who also helped develop this tank. Let’s not forget about him. So, I mean this is this is a project that had a lot of different hands in it.

So i mean these are people that have been involved in the industry for a while and you can just tell this is definitely a labor of love. And like i said i can’t stop gushing about it, they have produced an amazing product.

Here we have the tank. And you can see it’s nice and compact and we’re gonna need to check how many ml’s this thing holds. I want to say that the tank holds four ml’s. I believe it’s four ml’s and i could be wrong so don’t quote me on that.

Very simple 510 style drip tip but this is a mouth to lung device and the o-rings that seat the drip tip here those are really beefy. So i mean it snaps right in. It’s a nice, tight fit, very snug. I love that! Solid steel casing.

All this airflow ring i mean you can see one way one way not a continuous spinning and i like to point that out just because i’m not a fan of that. I don’t like when the airflow control ring just keeps spinning and spinning.

You can see airflow holes about six there. One, two, three, four, five holes. Five not six and it’s just set up to be a great mouth to lung draw. Solid, solid casing. Looks like a solid, very solid steel casing.

I don’t know how many times i’ve dropped mine i’ve dropped mine at least a good ten times and it doesn’t have a ding on it. So this looks like this steel is anodized. It’s not painted on there, so you’re not gonna get chipping and that’s always a plus.

I mean because i’m always kind of hard on my devices and i’m sure a lot of people out there are as well and it also protects the glass. So, in the box they include the tank, an additional 0.8 ohm coil, rings and a larger mouthpiece if someone wants a larger drip tip there.

So, they’re so confident that this casing here is going to protect this glass they don’t even include glass. And Innokin has not ever been known to like skimp on their packaging and their extras. So that’s really saying something.

And if you look, this is a top fill mouth to lung tank. Now, there are other top fill mouth to lung tanks out there but i haven’t seen one like this, with this design. I mean, look how large that fill port is on top and just the tension that you get open and close.

It’s very clearly labeled open and close and when you do that it also closes off the wicking ports inside, which is great. I mean you’re not going to get any leakage out of this tank. Very easy to use.

Bottom pops right off. Now, you can’t really break down this tank a lot and to be honest you don’t need to. You unscrew the air flow control ring and some of you might be a little freaked out by that, like thinking oh my god i’ve just broke my tank.

I just paid all this money for this tank and i was excited about using it and broke my airflow control ring but that’s not what’s going on here, this is a plug and pull coil. Which is awesome! You can see how the coil sits there.

There are these two metal notches on the side and you just line the coil up with those and you push it right in and it sits in there nice and snug. It sits right into that housing, which attaches to the chimney.

And like i said, when it’s closed holes for wicking are open. When it’s open and your filling closed off, which is nice because you’re not going to have leaking. You’re not gonna over saturate those coils.

And this coil right here i believe is the 1.2 ohm coil? 1.6 ohm coil and that is a kanthal coil and there’s quite a bit of cotton in there. Around that coil they have that mesh on top of the coil. So, even with these small wicking ports on the coil.

I gotta tell you the flavor that i get off of a 1.6 coil just blew my mind! The coils are really well built and they last for about two weeks. I want to say at least two weeks and at two weeks it wasn’t burnt like done i have to change this or I can’t go on vaping, it was a slight tinge of burnt cotton.

So, you can just really vape the shit out of these coils and they will last you a real long time. Threads really nice threads and that’s gonna be what gets seated into your mod there, because the airflow control ring just goes right over.

Just like that. Then let’s just plug this guy back in. You can see how easy that fits right in there. Needs a little twist. Yep and just fits right in. So let’s go ahead and wick this coil up. Start with the 1.

6 coil. The other coil that is included is a 0.8 ohm kanthal coil. The 1.6 is rated at 12 to 14 watts and the 0.8, which is half the resistance. It’s only rated at 15 to 18 watts, so there’s not a whole lot of different, difference in the range you know as far as the wattage is concerned.

But, in the performance, even with those just three watts, you are gonna notice improved vapor and improved flavor. If you want something that is technically sub ohm. And when i saw this tank this reminded me of what i felt like the Nautilus 2 should have been.

The Nautilus 2 was a great tank but i didn’t feel the top the top filled design was really well thought out. I mean you have to unscrew the whole top slide it off of the glass, it’s messy. The coils, you can’t find them anywhere any more the 0.

7. The airflow was nice and to me that this airflow beats the airflow on the Nautilus two and the coil life is much, much better in my opinion. And like i said, that top fill design you just can’t beat that! A lot of the performance like i said also has to do with these coils.

So, the 0.8 ohm coil looks very similar. Slightly larger wicking ports on here. Still got a good amount of cotton in there but you can tell these are just solid built coils. And like i said that does wick really well, doesn’t over wick.

Easier draw on the 0.8. So, this is more of going to be a generous mouth to lung. I wouldn’t call it a direct to lung, but a generous mouth to lung and then the 1.6 is more of a restricted mouth to lung.

Let’s go ahead and wick this coil up. This is the 1.6. I keep calling it the 0.8 that’s not the 0.8. That’s still in the package here. We’re gonna do the 1.6 just because i feel like there are a lot of people out there who do love the Nautilus tank and the Nautilus tanks are great, great tanks! Especially for beginners or especially for people who are looking for that good mouth to lung draw, because not everyone wants to blow clouds.

But, you know you get set in your ways sometimes and if you don’t know a lot of about a product, you don’t want to venture out and I definitely understand that but this tank right here is definitely worth that risk and i feel like this is going to be the next step for people who are already vaping and love mouth to lung style vaping to move up to.

Like i said, it’s indestructible! It’s got a great top fill, so this is just going to enhance your vaping experience if you’re into that mouth to lung style. And like i said, I’m typically a direct to lung sort of vapor, but this, this is also definitely, definitely met my needs.

Oh, shit! See, it didn’t break! Nice solid steel. Now, one point that i haven’t really brought up on this tank that is really important is these coils are designed and this tank is specifically designed if i understand correctly for nic salts.

So, for those of you out there that are a fan of nic salts, maybe you’re using a device that runs at too high of wattage. Maybe the coils just aren’t set up for nic salts. These coils in this tank is set up for nic salts.

And i have used it with nicotine salts and it performs really well. So i’m gonna go ahead and throw this tank on my Smok Majesty box mod. I got that nice purple resin finish on there. Definitely a box i’ve been using a lot lately.

Let’s go ahead and throw that tank on there and fill it up and this is how i’ve been rocking the Zenith tank is on a dual battery box mod. So, you can use it on a smaller device and there are a lot of other devices out there that are going to be smaller and more compact.

However, I really like the fact that using my nic salts or using whatever juice i’m using, running on a dual battery mod at 15 to 18 watts I can go for like two and a half days and not ever have to charge this thing.

Which is fantastic because on these sub ohm tanks that want to run up to 100 some watts, i’m constantly changing batteries so the convenience to me is also a plus. Like i said, super easy to fill. Large fill port there and we’re just gonna throw some of this Horchata in there.

Now, if you haven’t tried Horchata you need to try this. This is definitely, definitely probably one of my favorite flavors that Mt Baker Vapor makes! Quite a few good ones out there but it’s hard to beat horchata.

It’s a cream cinnamon flavor if you’re not familiar with a drink it’s a Mexican treat. It’s good stuff and now you can vape it, so why wouldn’t you want to do that? Horchata in the tank, clean up my mess here a little bit.

Get all these goodies back in the box and that’ll do. So we’re going to run this at the higher end of the wattage. We want this at 14 watts and 14 watts is the max for the 1.6 ohm coil. Interesting…

All righty. You can kind of tell i’m still to learning how to use this guy a little bit. Got it set at 14 watts. Air flow all the way open and I mean you could see it held, it held a decent amount of juice.

I mean 4 ml’s, I mean I know where people have gotten used to seeing larger capacity tanks but a four ml tank is still a decent a good, good amount of juice especially with a 1.6 ohm coil, I mean you can’t beat that.

We got it at 14 watts all the way open. Mm-hmm! So yeah that’s the Zenith tank sitting on top of the purple resin box mod. Let’s go ahead and head up and vape on it and talk about it. Alright, so there she is everybody! The black Zenith tank sitting on top of this purple resin Majesty box mod by Smok.

Like i said, this has been my all day vape lately. I’ve been running this mouth to lung Zenith tank on top of the dual battery box mod, because I only have to run it at 14 watts and i’m getting a really great battery life.

I mean two and a half days on battery life, I mean you can’t beat that! It is still, it’s not big I mean I have giant gorilla hands, but it’s not that big. I mean it’s it’s fairly compact. But like i said i can’t get over this tank and how well it performs.

14 watts, let’s go ahead and vape on it; airflow wide open and see how she does. Good draw! That is a good draw even at 1.6 for a mouth to lung style device like it is a generous mouth to lung airflow.

Now don’t get that confused with being too much. If you’re a mouth to lung vapor I guarantee you that you are still going to love this. You don’t have to pull so hard and like give yourself a headache.

It is very free-flowing air but a mouth to lung style so not overwhelming vapor. And the other thing that blows me away is this flavor off of a 1.6 ohm coil. The cinnamon and the cream notes of the horchata just really coming through.

Still really enjoying all of my juices and for a lot of people that sub-ohm, I mean if you’re not blowing clouds you know you’re thinking i’m gonna heat this juice up and just really maximize the flavor.

I am not losing much flavor if any with this tank. So, with that being said if you’re in the market for a new mouth to lung tank or you’re a fan of the Nautilus style tanks, this is your next step right here.

This is what you need to be vaping on. Why are you not vaping on a Zenith tank from Innokin? You can be! Go to Mtbakervapor.com We have red, we have stainless steel, we have black, we’ve got everything you need to upgrade your vaping experience.

So check it out! Make sure to follow us on our social media outlets. Stay tuned for future product spotlight videos on Youtube. Thanks for tuning in and i will catch you next time!


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