Home Product Reviews JUUL vs Puff Bar Disposable Pod Device Review Pt. 2

JUUL vs Puff Bar Disposable Pod Device Review Pt. 2

JUUL vs Puff Bar Disposable Pod Device Review Pt. 2

Alright we got the puff bar. Hey ohhh what’s up my ducklings quack quack it’s me fumb duck and welcome back to my channel thank you guys for tuning in today today’s video we’re gonna do another puff bar review it’s gonna be a different flavor you guys really liked the other puff bar review which was the cucumber and that was wicked so I decided to do another video because you guys loved it so much.

So today I got the cool mint we’re gonna try that bad boy out I know everyone’s trying to tell me to try the lychee iced. Can’t get my hands on it’s sold all over but I promise you it’s gonna come soon so stay tuned for that so of course I am going to review the flavor and review the vape compare it to the Juul why this actually is better than the Juul and then gonna go from there but you know before I unbox this bad boy.

If you want more vape reviews, vape unboxings and to stay up-to-date to the latest vape information subscribe down below to Fumb Duck’s channel I’m sure and I promise you, you will not regret it. Okay we got the puff bar open up this sexy boy.

Oh, yeah, yeah I know it’s a little creepy let’s stop that mm-hmm okay so the puff bar has 280 milliamps of battery the juul has about 200 milliamps. So Puff Bar already wins in that category and it has a 1.

3 milliliter pod which is good I mean better than the juul which is 0.7. Anyhow so ya this is already a better device it has about 300 puffs and it is 5% Nic brand-spanking-new and you just gotta rip it open, YAH, YAH, and then you know you just pop it over you know this slowly comes out all right and you’re supposed to drop it you’re supposed to drop it because it’s not a vape review if you don’t drop it you’re supposed to drop it.

It looks similar to the cucumber. This is the cucumber this is the mint color is a little different you can see has the rubber stoppers on the top on each side pop it off. Whoa, this is kind of interesting so this puff bar you can see both of them side by side one says the Nic so the mint one has a nic and shows you where to puff the cucumber did not do that which is kind of odd.

You know I’m not complaining like my hat ehh, stlth. These puff bars by the way are courtesy of GTA vapes if you live in Toronto great vape shop and they do have them thank you once again and thank you for the freakin hat love you guys.

Let’s try this bad boy out. Woohoo, i’m like a bird baby! This is so sweet it’s great it hits so hard. I’m chewing gum guys I feel like I’m just swallowing gum that’s how minty it is. The hit is so strong I love it and it’s so minty.

Puff bars are the way to go these are only about $10 maybe in five or seven dollars depending on where you are. Juuls are still about twenty to sixty five dollars a lot of people are telling me they’re much cheaper down here in Canada they’re still pretty expensive so if they are cheaper in the states that’s great but, this is still cheaper considering you’re gonna have to buy pods for the juul so I would definitely recommend the disposable vape called the puff Bar mints, lychee ice, cucumber all those bad boys I want to try them all and this is the mints.

One thing I forgot to do is compare the clouds from the juul and the puff bars so I am going to try the juul and we’re gonna do the puff bar after we’ll see which one’s better clouds better flavor sure this is gonna win try this bad boy out.

Alright I guess we are ghost vaping now doesn’t even exist so we’re gonna toss this out. OWWW, that hurt! So what I’m gonna do of course, I am going to max this baby out! Now we’re gonna stick with the puff bar great device, 280 milliamps of battery, 1.

3 milliliter pod and 300 puffs and it’s like five to ten dollars it’s definitely the way to go puff bars are great and until next time we’re gonna review the next flavor. Thank you my ducklings for tuning in to this week’s video I appreciate you guys so much if you want to check out the other puff bar review for the cucumber to check that up right up there and I’m planning to do more of these videos so I know you guys really liked them so stay tuned for that.

I am going to announce two weeks ago winner for the stlth, has a pod in it and an extra pot is gonna come with it and the winner is Killeen Goones I love your answer and I appreciate you so much thank you for the kind words and I love your 2020 year’s resolution congratulations I’ll contact you soon.

But hold up wait! I forgot about this so I did the vvild contest about three weeks ago and the lucky winner was Hiro Soki I messaged him and he was nice enough to donate this vape to someone else another winner so I decided to redo the contest so it’s fair for everyone and I’m gonna redo it so this device comes with three pods.

One pod is already in it two are fresh in here. I have not used it and one lucky winner is gonna win it and the only way to win is to answer this week’s question and the question is what is the most annoying thing about pod systems? For me it’s like not being able to find it or it leaking a little bit that’s really annoying to me so in the comments down below tell me what is the most annoying thing about having a pod system, and of course the only way to enter the contest is to like comments down below the question of course and subscribe to fumb duck’s channel.

That’s the only way you can participate in the contest so I’ll be checking those answers soon I’ll announce the winner in a week or two. Thank you my ducklings for tuning in to this week’s video quack quack it’s me Fumb Duck and I am so excited to spend this new year with you guys I appreciate you guys so much and if you want more of these vape reviews and more of these these vape unboxings and to stay up-to-date of course to the latest vape information subscribe down below to Fumb Duck’s Channel! I’m sure you’ll not regret it.

On that note fumb, duck, out!! Fumb Duck on the track with a little rap I’m here to celebrate because I did something great


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