Home Product Reviews JUUL vs Puff Bar Disposable Pod Device Review Pt. 3

JUUL vs Puff Bar Disposable Pod Device Review Pt. 3

JUUL vs Puff Bar Disposable Pod Device Review Pt. 3

Puff bar review. Disposable device! Magic trick time. What’s up my ducklings quack quack it’s me fumb duck and welcome back to the vape channel. Today we got another puff bar review you guys like these videos I’m gonna try to do all the flavors you know review each one of them you know compare them to the juul as well and today we got tobacco acco, well let’s just call tobacco I don’t know why I said acco.

It’s just Tobacco we are going to compare this to the juul see how the clouds are it’s the other flavor is. Before I unbox this and compare this to the juul, if you want more vape reviews, vape unboxes and to stay up to date the latest vape information, subscribe down below to fumb ducks channel I promise you you will not regret it.

We got z puff bar and it’s a tobacco device it’s a disposable device. I don’t know I have an accent this is 5% nic like nick like my friend Nick it’s not funny okay all right I got it. Comes in a nice package as usual like the way they designed their packages and now we’re going to open it up.

Magic trick time. I dropped my device. What’s new right, whoa whoa whoa smells really uh tobaccoy, but cinnamony and sweet, smells like a sweet tobacco which is kind of interesting because most tobacco related you know devices vape juices taste like tobacco kind of like a cigarette which I don’t really like the smell much there’s smells chocolatey yeah am I going crazy.

Let’s try try this bad boy and like look how nice that looks you know it’s nice and dark we got the cool mint on the right the cucumber in the middle and the tobacco on the left interesting how the cool mint actually has like an arrow pointing where you have to vape.

It says the Nic percentage on the device these don’t say that which is kind of odd it bought all these from the same shop doesn’t make any sense I don’t know does that mean this one is legit or these are legit I don’t know I’m not sure maybe you guys let me know in the comments and this color resembles the juul the most.

I mean you know the dark right, they are the exact same size and the pods inside obviously here’s the pod. This has 1.3 milliliters of liquid 280 milliamps of battery the juul has 200 milliamps of battery and a 0.

7 mi liter pod these are about you know seven dollars. A juul everyone’s telling me now and correct me they’re between twenty and twenty-five dollars I’m glad that they lower the price for the juul but if you want something quick and disposable and you want to be on the go this would be the way to go because it will last you a little longer does have a bigger pod and battery.

If you want this for you know the long run you could get this the juul but I highly suggest even you know maybe avoiding these two and getting an actual pod device that you can refill yourself I do believe if you look it up you can also refill the puff bar which is neat I’m sure there’s videos online on how to do that.

So without further ado, we’re gonna test out the clouds on the tobacco we’re gonna test out the flavor and at the end we got Max’s baby out so let’s compare the juul and tobacco puff bar right now. So let’s start with the tobacco puff bar.

Wow! Hey you know what like I said the tobacco flavor not like super tobacco. Kind of tastes like swamp ass wait no it doesn’t I’m just kidding it’s good it’s a good flavor it’s better than a lot of tobacco juices I’ve had.

Flavors are good, clouds are good really really good device so let’s compare the Juul clouds and the flavor now. Why am I always disappointed with the clouds from a Juul yeah sure it does the job but I mean like I feel like it’s just not as powerful as a puff bar.

Puff bars are cheaper and you know if you want to try something quickly and of course be of age, try the puff bar because you know it will give you the clouds, good vape production and the hit is really strong especially if you want to quit smoking.

Flavor is you know still good in the Juul but I’d say the puff bar definitely eliminates the juul. For all the people in the comments that called me a noob and say my lungs are weak and all that stuff yeah maybe I am weak but hey gotta realize I’m maxing this out, so I am going at like the 10 second mark and getting all this vape at 5% Nic so I’m gonna cough.

If you try it yourself I’m sure you’re gonna cough like you vape the whole thing. So on that note I’m going to max this baby out and see if I can handle it this time so you guys don’t make fun of me but here we go I know it’s a shorter video there’s not much more to talk about you know the puff bar is the very good device is the cheap and I’m gonna have more flavors to come so I’ll stay tuned for that I’m gonna try to do them every other week well yeah they’re great devices.

The best part about puff bars you can juggle them see, you close watch, yeah, okay! There goes my circus juggling career not going to do that again. Thank you my ducklings for tuning in to this week’s video I appreciate you guys so so much so thank you to my new viewers and subscribers once again for tuning in I love you guys really really appreciate you guys.

Without you guys I am nothing so thank you once again. If you want to check out the other puff bar review videos go right up there put all the other puff bar review videos up there I’m also gonna make a playlist for the puff bar so you can watch all the videos in sequence if you want to check that out as well so check that out right up there as well.

Also last two weeks so last week and the week before I did vape reviews and I did contest for those vapes so if you want to check out those contests you can check them out right out there with the video of course.

That’s pretty much it and if you guys want more vape reviews, vape unboxings and stay up today to latest vape information just like the puff bar subscribe to fumb duck’s channel I promise you you’ll not regret it and the reason I’m making faces because kind of turtling right now if you guys know what that is crowning.

Oh god I got to stand-up, anyhow on that note, fumb, duck, out! Fumb duck on the track with a little rap I’m here to celebrate because I did something great yeah


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