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JUUL vs STLTH Review

JUUL vs STLTH Review

what’s up my ducklings I got another cool video for you today I’m gonna unbox something and as you know I am no noob to vaping. All right Vape nation it’s called the stlth it’s basically a knock off of the Juul.

I usually do six milligrams to three milligrams of nicotine this is 35 milligrams per pod so let’s see how that goes looks pretty cool it’s called a stlth looks like a juul. Basically a juul comes with a pod of 35 milligrams pod this is called the berry blast I believe comes with the micro USB charger it’s convenient because I know juuls have like the custom charger that you have to give to them plugs right at the bottom right there right in that little slot works with like a blackberry charger or an Android charger and don’t forget the manual it’s supposed to be already charged a little bit that’s my regular vape right.

Does the job but let’s see on this one does. This is exactly like the juul like it said so all you have to do suck and then let go. I’m having a tough time opening this bad boy. what the pod looks like pretty straightforward doesn’t pop off you can’t refill it so you have to buy refills.

So I believe you just insert it in ah just like that clicks in looks pretty nice it’s very sleek it’s very thin tastes great tastes like a juul the battery is 420 milliamps which is more than a lot of like vapes and pens out there.

It also does have the safety feature so basically after 10 seconds it stops like pulling. See if I can O’s with this bad boy. It also has a short-circuit option basically if you’re thinking short-circuit it’ll shut off so it doesn’t damage the stlth.

But wonder if you get skins for it. Well the stlth has an automatic pulley system so they see when you suck it activates which is nice fortunately these the bigger boxes you’d have to press a button which is located there still a great device you know if you want big clouds.

Oh I got a major head rush.Wow I like the flavor a lot the flavours are super strong. Hits pretty hard, gives a good throat hit doesn’t feel like 35 milligrams though. I got a mad head rush right now oh it is sleek its small you can bring it everywhere.

So many Vapes out right now it is a pretty big trend it helps you get off smoking this is the right tool don’t forget this is 25 bucks a Juuls about 65 99 Canadian 25 bucks with taxes the pods are 13 bucks as opposed to 20 25 bucks for the pods I call it stlth it’s spelling s T L th stlth for the most part it’s a great product though it’s just anyone to get this a set of a juul because juuls are just the name brand it’s like any of North Face jacket or Canada Goose jacket alright they’re expensive they’re name-brand they are good but the they’ll do the same job as any other like winter coat.

Might as well try both oh that’s good feels great flavors awesome I got some mad head rush is it just good. There we go got some O’s there this is a kanger, kanger Tech 200 has 200 watts. I’ve had this for three years and it’s not filled yet but in using the same batteries it’s not wise to use the same batteries but you know it does a job I would highly suggest getting this over a juul just because it is way cheaper it does the job if you’re smoker don’t follow the trends juuls are nice but if you want something that’s reliable stlth is what you want.

I hope you enjoyed this video if you want more videos like this feel free to subscribe the whole it won’t hurt check out my other videos I got some cool pranks some cooling unboxes and if you’re wondering about this shirt basically I’m gonna be an uncle thank God my brother for the first time said he was gonna have a kid and I’m gonna be a uncle so I’ll keep you guys updated on how that goes clearly Avenue


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