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Kandypens Gravity Tutorial

Kandypens Gravity Tutorial

let’s have a look at the Kandypens Gravity wax pen; this unit is designed for waxes and concentrates and features a dual quartz atomizer, a ceramic plate atomizer and four temperature settings to provide satisfying vapor.

Inside the box you’ll find: one Kandypens battery one dual quartz atomizer, one coil-less ceramic atomizer one mouthpiece, one USB charger, and one wax applicator. First thing you want to do with your Kandypens Gravity is decide which atomizer you would like to use and screw it onto the battery.

For the quartz coil atomizer, use the included packing tool to apply your wax directly to the coils. Be sure not to touch the metal coils with your packing tool, as it may damage the coils. For the coil-less ceramic atomizer, use the loading tool to place your wax at the bottom of the dish.

After you’ve done that, screw the mouthpiece on to the atomizer, turn the device on by pressing the K symbol five times quickly, and press and hold the K button to start taking draws. The Kandypens Gravity has four preset temperature settings as indicated by the color of the LED logo on the power button.

The temperature can be toggled by pressing the power button three times; pink is the lowest temperature which is 149°C; red is 177°C, green is 199°C, and blue is the highest temperature at 221°C. People who prefer a more flavorful experience will want to use the two lowest heat settings, while those who prefer a denser vapor will want to use the two highest heat settings.

To wrap this unit up, I’d like to tell you guys about some of the key features of the Kandypens Gravity that make it such a stellar wax pen. The first is the Kandypens Gravity’s selection of atomizers; the Gravity features both a dual quartz coil atomizer and a coil is ceramic atomizer to bring some customization to your wax session.

The quartz coil atomizer is one of the most popular in the wax pen world because of its ability to produce serious clouds of vapor, while the coil-less atomizer is geared towards a flavorful experience, giving you the option of how you want to enjoy your vapor.

The second is the Kandypens Gravity’s temperature flexibility. The Gravity provides you with four temperature ranges to fine-tune your session; the lower temperature setting will provide smooth, flavorful flavor while the highest heat will generate satisfying cloud production.

How you enjoy your vapor is purely up to you. The third is the Gravity’s ease of use. This unit only has one button which makes operating the device very user-friendly. Just five clicks to turn the unit on, three to toggle between the temperature and press and hold to heat.

It’s that easy. The Kandypens Gravity is a great unit for those looking for a mid-range wax pen that offers multiple atomizers, temperature flexibility, and exceptional vapor every time. I’m Sarah TVape TV, we hope you enjoyed this video and for all you connoisseurs out there, keep vapin’! you


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