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Kiwi Double TFA Review & Recipe Cocktail [TFA/TPA DIY Flavor Review for E liquid]

Kiwi Double TFA Review & Recipe Cocktail [TFA/TPA DIY Flavor Review for E liquid]

Good day and welcome, Im John from diy eliquid recipes and for today I have prepared another review and recipe video. Recently I compared flavourarts and flavorwests kiwis, so this time to continue on the same theme we are going to quickly take a look at Kiwi double offered by The flavor apprentice.

This is a very popular flavor and it has been used in diy eliquid recipes for a long time now. Together with strawberry and banana ripe, kiwi double is one of the staple flavors in the fruit category sold by tfa.

Its a flavor that is used inside a lot of recipes and rightfully so I would say. So how does this flavor taste and what makes it different from other kiwi flavors? Well first Ill talk about its taste characteristics.

Compared to other kiwis this is a relatively dry flavor and a lot more sweet. It is similar to a concentrated fruit syrup and I think that’s what the word Double refers to on the tittle. It is a strong, concentrated, slightly dry and candy like fruit flavor.

If you have seen the last kiwi comparison video I said there that the kiwi from flavorwest can also be used to brighten up flavors. Well now consider the TFA kiwi almost the opposite. This kiwi is good to be used to add extra throat hit or a add a candy like dry sweetness to other recipes.

So as a flavor having these properties it wont work as well as another kiwis for light fruit eliquids, but if you want to make a candy type eliquid like something like a bubblegum or maybe a kiwi cotton candy then the kiwi double would fit in very well.

Now If you want to use this flavor just solo then I would recommend using it from 2% up to 5%. It is a strong and concentrated flavor that it will turn bitter when used higher that 6% so start on the low side with this one.

Next I have prepared 2 recipes around this flavor that you can make if you have it and have nothing else to make with it. The first recipe is a light kiwi and watermelon fruit juice that vapes smoothly and very easy.

And the second recipe is a little more advanced, it’s a tropical summer cocktail eliquid that tastes very bright and it is full of flavor. So here are both recipes. I wont go over each ingredient but for the first one, I would recommend using the flavorwest kiwi if you have it, and for the 2nd recipe I have to say that cactus is the main ingredient here that supports the whole flavor so there is no substitute for that.

But I can say for vanillin that even though it makes a big difference, it is not necessary to use it if you don’t have any since the recipe will still taste very well. I want to also say that there is no best recipe, they are just different even though the 2nd one looks a little more evolved.

In general I like to vape both just at different times. The first recipe on the inhale is very light and smooth and on the exhale is also very light but with a nice sweet fruity flavor. The second recipe has a lot more flavor even on the inhale, but it is on the exhale where you will taste all the fruits together coming out inside a very nice and balanced vapour.

If you make any of the 2 recipes or if you have anything to share about the kiwi double flavor, feel free to leave your thoughts below. Im preparing a very interesting video for next time. So until then thank you once more for watching until here.

And Ill see you next time


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