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Koko Prime by UWELL – ENG Sub

Koko Prime by UWELL – ENG Sub

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome “Mas Mas Biasa” Because we will introduce Caliburn Koko, then call me koko*. * Indo-Chinese term for the older brother. Hurry up, repeat that! Yes, “Koko Biasa” [opening music] Vaper Baper, welcome back to our Youtube channel VaperStuff Indonesia! “The Home For All Vapers” Because you can feel home in here.

Including this one Just yesterday, I introduced this competitor and now they released this. Caliburn wants to kick their ass. What was the product yesterday? Yesterday, that said Caliburn killer. “Man with.

..”, some kind like that Now Caliburn hit back Caliburn hit back with their product, Caliburn Koko Prime Pod System! Have I been like UFC announcer huh? So this Caliburn Koko is compatible with the G-Pod M coil bla.

.. bla… This just claim sent by them. We don’t need that What we need is proof. What we need is the real fact, not a claim. And today we will see that. Here I got two. Why this device called “Koko”? Is that in China, they called older brother “Koko”? – If you have this, that means you rent an apartment for your girlfriend.

– LOL So if you feel you can rent an apartment, buy a car, then you can use this mod because this is koko’s mod. – But that is a pod, not a mod? – Sorry, I mean pod. This is the koko’s pod. “Ko, rent me apartment” “Ko, buy me car” Okay without further ado, what’s the difference between these two? Are the colors different? One is black, and the other one is gray.

I will open the gray one. Let’s put aside this, because this is for surprise. This splash and colorful pattern give youthful looks. On the backside, as usual display the contents of the package. [singing randomly] Let’s read the manual book first.

Optional mouth to lung, and restricted direct to lung. So it can RDTL and MTL. USB Type C charging ProFOCS flavor testing technology. It coil using ProFOCS flavor It also using 690 mAh battery, and removable coil.

This is good because you don’t have to buy a new cartridge. It made from PCTG, poly carbonate + ABS. And it just weigh 48 grams. Just 48 grams? Hmm… Let see… [trying to calculate the weight] It’s really light.

At first, I think it will heavy because I think it made from stainless-like turns out it not. No, its not stainless steel with gunmetal-finished. It turns out plastic but looks like stainless-steel. And it has a 2 ml pod capacity with a maximum wattage of 5 watts.

Wow, they have a chemical formula for their coils FeCrAL – So Fe is.. fermentation? – Iron – What is Fe? Iron? – Iron, chromium, and aluminum Iron, chromium, and aluminum With a resistance of 1 ohm. This is the features list Okay, this is the device and let see what’s inside this box.

We got a lanyard, and it is a big lanyard. Let’s open it. – Whats wrong with you? I purposely wear shirt today so that I can look like koko that has an apartment. [singing in javanese] This lanyard is cool, because it have clip so If you want to use it, just like this.

Looks cool, huh – And what’s this using for? – ID card Yeah you’re right [randomly sing] And you got USB Type C data cable And you got spare coil Let see… It’s 1 ohm. And inside the coil, there has a coil too.

Let see the coil resistance The coil inside the cartridge is also the same 1 ohm so you got 1 coil and 1 spare coil. Let’s keep this spare coil. Looks like, I will bring this when hanging out It has an attractive shape although I must admit it’s not the first product that bring youthful concept in vape industry.

Because before there was another product, but … because Uwell have big name, especially in pod When they release their product, I said “this is the killers’ killer” a product that will kill the existing product on market.

And it turns out to be true It doesn’t have a power button, so it’s an auto draw. And here you got port for charging And this is … What’s this? Vent hole? Because there is an LED indicator here and here So,which one is real? Oh, this is the air hole, and the indicator is at the bottom.

If you plugin, the LED will blink. To open it, you don’t have to pull this up but you can do it like breaking this. This is a more easy way to open. Just like that A little bit hard, not as smooth as the competitor it just a little detail But with just 2 ml capacity, you will often to open this cap maybe in the future, it can be improved again.

So it can open smoothly. Okay, we will refill it And I will refill it with … Because it can use as RDTL, so I can use this high nic e-juice, with 10 mg nicotine. I will use this cartridge It said it has two air hole mode, RDTL, and DTL Oops, I am sorry, I mean RDTL and MTL.

[random singing] Where is the other coil? This is also 1 ohm coil So, I don’t know how the 0.8-ohm taste will be like. And I will be using this e-juice … Oh, I have used this yesterday. So I will change it Real Salt Nic Blueberry This is like some kind blueberry drink instead of blueberry fruit.

It’s like drink with cream. And this one I will use Freya. 10 mg freebase nicotine, with 60:40 ratio. using BioNic (Bio Nicotine). Meanwhile, the other one we fill with Real Salt Nic using salt nicotine, with 50:50 ratio and 25 mg nicotine.

I like with this improvisation they using plastic but it looks like stainless In fact, this is plastic. And this front and back door You can change it, because using magnet. There is writing on it “Sample Not For Sale”.

And we can change it doors. The default door already looks good and gives youthful looks. They sent me this, but… I want to also complain Hey, Uwell Caliburn Have you not watched my channel for a long time? Don’t you see my logo has changed? And now you sent me the old logo I am sorry, but my logo became this? This is my old logo and this my profile picture from 2016, 4 years ago.

But it’s okay. So, this doors have lots magnet Why it feels weird to see my face here? Let’s put back the default door. This looks better. And now I will try this using salt nicotine, with a 50:50 ratio.

There is no button, so you just auto draw it I forget to tell you about this air hole It have air hole on cartridge and on body Many device has using this technique So, if you put an air hole closer you can use RDTL but if you put air hole away, you can use MTL More tight or more loose.

Damn! How to find lack in this device? This have good flavor Maybe because it using coil-like previous device Am I right? Yeah, that Caliburn G coils Yeah, I am sure this using Caliburn G coils. The flavor does not change, and maybe they did not change a lot in the cartridge, just like the previous cartridge.

So the flavor still same, still good. It has good power and produces a good cloud. I love the sweetness level. Not too sweet, Not like Rizky Ritonga everything that sweet he said bold flavor He like that, but I am not.

The good liquid is not just sweet. If you like that, you better using caramelized sugar and fill it. That’s Rizky Ritonga Good e-juice isn’t about sweet or not I still can taste the blueberry It has a soft throat hit, but you still can feel it.

The most important thing in a pod is you can still feel the throat hit, because it uses high salt nicotine, but not too harsh Even though, I like a pod with a little harsh throat hit. May be it will suitable to you but for me.

I need more. But if using salt nicotine, we haven’t tried the BioNic. Plug it in. Let’s use the RDTL. Honestly I can use this on RDA So I can make this for the tester so I can sell it later. Maybe I can make this 50:50 ratio And yes, I can use it in this pod Let’s talk about flavor I must admit that this flavor is not like on RDA but you can taste all flavor.

You can feel the milk, biscuit, and a little melted cream and the sweetness is not too sweet. If in RDA you can taste it 100%, this feels like 60%. But that’s not mean you can’t feel everything. What I mean is the dense flavor that becomes less.

But it’s still okay, like when you are meeting In a place that you can’t thick cloud, this can be that option. So I decide it, VaperStuff like it but I don’t know with you If you have bought it, please leave a comment.

what you think this device. Because the best reviewer is your self So, you should read the comments below to find another opinion. I hope you like our short introduction See you in the next video, I am Vernando Hose Hula Hula Correction, I am koko Vernando Hose Hula Hula Bye-bye [closing music]


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