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LAFFY e liquid REVIEW by Clown

LAFFY e liquid REVIEW by Clown

what’s going on vapors welcome to my review for laughy by clown laughs II is an 80/20 VG PG blend nicotine options are 0-3 6 and 12 milligrams and the description for it is all jokes aside sticky icky stringy blueberry taffy strands – with gooey great rubber chicken blood colorful whoa oh wow this is nice this is really nice and I will tell you why in a moment after I’ve just had another vape the taffy is beautiful is sweet there’s sour there’s and and the textures are very dense but the flavor is actually really light with that sorry sorry excuse me the grape is very juicy slight hint of tartness from the grape the blueberry has a bit more of a deeper tartness and it ties in together really really well it mixes really well with the toffee flavor the sweet the sour just Hartness the juiciness this density is everything in this flavor and it is so so good and there’s two types of sweetness going on here as well you getting sweetness from the fruit which is more from the grape and there’s a sweetness coming from the taffy which is a candy sort of sweetness it just binds so well and it punches you around the face really really hard and what I like about it as well as well and vaping it and I’m taken back to my childhood like I’m going through the fairground mum and dad I’m just getting that sweet taste that candy taste that just takes you back to your childhood which in my opinion if any flavor can do that the flavor is really really good it’s on the money and it is it not even for that reason it’s a great flavor in its own right the flavors are original it binds really well there’s this balance going everywhere in its / around the face for the amount of favor this actually happening in this flavor oh my god I love this juice I really do love this juice a lot there’s not much that happens when you hold the vape in it all happens in an exhale you’re left with a sweet candy taste in the background but you’re also left with a fruity element at front more under your tongue in Iran I a flame resting under my tongue before but that’s how it feels it’s just a fine juice it really is well device it’s really well laid out absolutely love this juice I love it to bits hands down beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful ok guys so that’s review done I hope you find it informative thank you very much for watching guys and I shall see you soon Cheers and pomegranate in its own flavor is got a lot of different sort of aspects what you get from the pomegranate is very quite floral taste with


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