Home DIY E-Liquids Lemon Sicily by FlavourArt – Review (DIY Eliquid Flavor Review)

Lemon Sicily by FlavourArt – Review (DIY Eliquid Flavor Review)

Lemon Sicily by FlavourArt – Review (DIY Eliquid Flavor Review)

Hello and Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. I’m john im a flavor compounder and today I have prepared a quick review about a different type of flavor than usually. This Flavourarts Lemon Sicily.

I have to begin by first saying that lemon is a type of flavor that is very polarizing. There are people that really enjoy vaping it and try out as many different options they can find and also there are the people that want nothing to do with it at all.

Personally I like lemon flavors but I find they are too intense for everyday use so I vape them only every once in a while for a change. Today I was thinking of doing a review about the lemon from Inawera but The mix I made with it is still fresh from last night so I will review now the one from flavourart instead.

Starting I want to say that the Sicilian lemon is a very balanced flavor. As expected it is sour but when used in the right ratios its just sour enough to make it work good. Also there is a slight sweetness for balance in this flavor but It exist at a very small amount, nothing like a candy taste or anything sharp like that.

Something else that I have realized about the Sicilian lemon is that the taste changes significantly with steeping. It is one of the flavors that benefits from a long steep and with maturity it will become much less intense and alot richer.

Like many other flavorart flavors this is very concentrated. I tried it solo at 3% and it was very intense as a shake and vape. But I found that After a week or so it mellowed out and tasted much better and way less intense.

Even though that amount is still a little too high for solo use but I can see 3% working alright inside a recipe if you give it a long steep after. So for solo I would recommend using it from 1% up to 3% and inside recipes from 0.

5% if you want just a touch of lemon up to 5% maximum for a full on lemon flavor. As a general summary I will say, that this is a bright, balanced and probably the most natural tasting lemon flavor. It is not a lemon candy or super acidic it is just a regular lemon flavor.

It will work great for almost any type of eliquid from lemonades to lemon pies and it will blend very well with most other flavors. If you have anything to say about lemon Sicily let me know with your comment below and I will see you again next time.


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