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Let’s Talk About: SIMPLE RECIPES (DIY Ejuice Tips for Beginners)

Let’s Talk About: SIMPLE RECIPES (DIY Ejuice Tips for Beginners)

so this questions been asked a few times in in the comment section I see it and I felt like I was I wanted to answer this in that that new viewer section I was going to have but I feel like it needed its own video I think a lot of people will really benefit from the information that I can put out from this video so today I want to talk to you guys about simple recipes now a lot of you guys are new mixers mixers that haven’t been doing this for a while mixers that are just getting into it because they realize how much money they can save they realized how much fun it could be and they see a lot of cool creative coming out of the DIY mixing community so they kind of want to join it and this video is more geared towards you guys the people that haven’t really messed around with their own recipes they’re kind of just following recipes that are online you know just playing with flavors a little bit really just the first two three months of mixing what is a simple mix what’s a complex mix what what’s the difference between the two a simple mix is easy a simple mix is just a recipe that doesn’t have much going on into it in terms of flavor profile so it’s something like strawberry banana blueberry banana mango pineapple something that’s kind of simple in terms of flavor doesn’t mean the recipe is simple it just means the flavor itself is simple a simple recipe is something that only maybe one or two ingredients into it you know maybe three or four it’s really just a recipe that is it’s easy to understand you look at the ingredients that are in the recipe and you go okay that makes sense you know strawberry banana strawberry flavoring banana flavoring that’s a strawberry banana that’s a simple juice that’s a simple recipe complex mix is something a lot different it’s something that in terms of flavor there’s a lot going on I’ll take my rhodonite recipe for example where it’s an apple raspberry macaroon so there’s a lot of flavors going on there’s cookie nostris bakery nose candy noses fruit notes there’s a lot of layering that’s involved when you look at the recipe it’s it’s pretty complex there’s different flavor enhancers in there there’s different flavorings that weird percentages and they all have a role in that recipe so the difference between them is stark you know you can you can start creating simple mixes and it’s kind of hard to start creating complex mixes complex mixes or for people that have been mixing three four or five months that know their flavorings pretty well that are starting to understand what how layering works which is a video if you guys want to see it press the thumbs up we could talk about that later but you know you know how the layering works you know where the flavorings land on your palate and you you know how to pull things out of them it gets pretty crazy when you get really deep into DIY you know a lot of commercial juice on the market doesn’t come close to the complexities of a lot of these DIY you know advanced mixes they don’t even hold the light to them and that’s because of the way the industry works you know it’s easier to sell something with only three or four ingredients you know if you have 10 13 different ingredients at odd percentages it’s a lot harder to sell that that’s why a lot of the market are simple juice is simple recipes now when I say that I mean the mainstream vaping market like you go to a B M 95 percent of those juices are simple recipes they’re simple mixes with simple flavor profiles that’s it and if you ask any mixer that’s been doing this for some time that will not give you the same exact answer they’re simple mixes loaded with sucralose is that a bad thing no obviously a lot of people like these juicers I myself you know simple recipes and complex recipes doesn’t determine the quality of the juice you know it’s just the terms of the flavor it just terms up what goes into the flavor what do you actually taste that’s what determines the quality of a juice so a simple mix can be just as delicious just as good just as premium as a complex mix it’s just how the flavor is and what you prefer now I want to state the fact again that if you’re looking for more of a premium juice you’re looking for more of a commercial juice on the shelf if you’re looking for that you know very flavorful kind of overly sweet kind of recipe then simple mixes is where you want to go you don’t want to move to the complex mixes because those are very delicate those are very uh they require a lot of thinking they’re not overly sweet there’s a lot of layers to them simple mixes are more the commercial market and now I don’t want to go into the specific what recipes you can make I kind of want to plant ideas in your head I kind of want to help you you know give you some inspiration help you understand what a simple recipe is help you understand it all so you can go off and make your own because they’re very simple they’re very easy to make alright so let’s start off with flavor profiles simple recipes simple juices you’ve got to keep it simple if you start stringing away from that simple mindset you’re going to start ending up you’re going to just get yourself in trouble alright so keep your mind on simple strawberry banana blueberry raspberry mango pineapple like I said those are simple mixes and they will come out beautifully if you keep them simple the way you do that is you just take those flavor profiles that you want say strawberry banana you get the strawberry flavoring you get the banana flavoring all you do is play with those two at the recommended percentages you know you can check online you can check out my website play with those two around those percentages and find the match that you want boom that’s it that’s your recipe right there you know you’ll find a balance between the two the strawberry and the banana now ratios there is another story you can get into ratios later but if once you find that balance would you find what you like because at the end of the day it’s only what you like it’s not what anyone else likes what you like when you find the balance that you like that’s your recipe boom you’re done same thing with blueberry raspberry same thing with all chocolate mint it’s that it’s that simple so a simple recipe would be like you know a strawberry banana would be TF a strawberry or TF a strawberry ripe whichever you prefer and TF a banana cream you know maybe strawberry ripe at five six percent banana cream at two to one percent that’s it that’s a simple recipe the simple mix and it’ll taste good now your just got to play with them to find what you enjoy so whenever people ask me you know what are simple recipes that you suggest do you know any simple recipes that are out there it’s that simple take fruit profiles mix them up and find what you like so bro nuts is a perfect example of a simple recipe with kind of complex flavor profiles but at the end of day it’s still simple juice there’s only one flavor to it and that’s a chocolate doughnut that’s the flavor you get from Browns one simple flavor the recipe itself is also simple its chocolate glazed donut and that’s the main profile that’s that’s the whole recipe right there chocolate glazed doughnut seven or eight percent I forget and then the other ingredients that go into it just build off that that profile just a bit you know just to enhance it just to bring up the notes that I thought were lacking and that flavoring alone and that was it that was the entire recipe and it’s a very enjoyable recipe that a lot of people like so simple recipes again aren’t bad recipes they’re not you know any lesser quality they’re just simple profiles with a simple base behind them before I wrap this video up there’s another thing I want to talk about simple recipes and that is that do not stray from that main idea if you’re going for a simple flavor profile you’ve got to keep your recipes simple do not start adding you know thousands of different ingredients in there because you think the strawberry doesn’t have the right earthy notes to support itself against the banana or something don’t don’t worry about that don’t get into that because what you’re going to end up doing is pulling away from the main profile distracting your palate away from the idea that your brain wants to comprehend the reason why simple recipes do so well on the market the reason why simple recipes do so well on your palate is because your main focus is just on that flavor so you market it as strawberry banana this is my strawberry banana best Robin and ever now if you have that marketing in hand or if you have that idea in hand you want to focus your entire energy your entire recipe towards strawberry banana make it that so strawberry banana is the entire flavor that you get that’s all you want to get out of it that being said you can bring up certain notes you know don’t go too crazy with it you know say your strawberries not as sweet as you want maybe it’s a little unbalanced the banana is just way too strong and the strawberry can never come out after steep maybe add another strawberry you know maybe add some super lows maybe add one or two ingredients to help that strawberry maybe add one or two ingredients to help the flavor underneath it two three four ingredients that’s kind of where you want to sit once you start getting it to seven eight nine ten ingredients then you’re going to start to really start to distract your palate just keep it simple keep it simple stupid so why I suggest you guys to do when you start to go mix is to have a simple profile in your brain whatever it is whatever it is write that down in your notes wherever your notes are which is the biggest thing you need to be doing is taking notes I’m say it in every video you have to take your notes on everything you do so write it down in your notes what you want this flavor to profile to taste like go online find the flavorings that will give you that profile you know like I did with the strawberry banana do it with your any other flavor that you have you know even if it’s like you know blueberry waffles anything like that simple go find those flavorings are out there they’re all there’s flavor you can figure it out trust me it’s easy just go online find those flavorings order them test it test those flavorings at the percentages that you find online at percentages you think will work you know if it’s TFA it’s a good idea to start at 5% flavor or at 1% test those flavors then you can introduce combining them with the other flavorings that you think will create that flavor profile you want and just keep playing with that until you fire match I guarantee you you will find yourself in all day vape within a to 3 weeks guaranteed it’s that simple guys mixing is only as hard as you want it to be so go out there start mixing by whatever flavorings you need and just get into it just get your hands dirty that’s the only way you’re going to get better a simple recipe can be just as hard to lock down as a complex recipe it’s all just about knowing your flavorings knowing what you like what your palate likes and translating that into a real-world scenario so I’m going to get out of here guys I hope you like this video I’m going to get back at you with that viewer question video right after this if you’re a new mixer and you never see my channel before please subscribe I’m going to be giving you guys a lot more content there’s so much you could talk about mixing and I think you guys will really enjoy the content I’m going to be putting out and if not you can always just check my website DIY or Die vaping comm leave a comment below if you think this video was good if you think I didn’t touch on anything that you thought I should you know leave a comment below join the conversation I’m gonna get out of here keep mixing much love


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