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Let’s Talk: Capella Tobacco Flavors (DIY Eliquid)

Let’s Talk: Capella Tobacco Flavors (DIY Eliquid)

Good day I’m John I’m a flavor compounder and today I have another flavorings discussion video for you. So this is about capella flavors and their tobacco options. Now it might seem weird that out of so many companies with good tobacco flavors in their catalog I picked capellas tobaccos to talk about.

But that’s for a reason and that’s because capella has almost no tobacco offerings. Of course if you look hard enough you can find for sale capella’s burley, Smokey and original blend. I was only able to find them on nicotine rivers website seen here.

These are 3 new flavors released about 2 years ago and the only current capella flavors in the tobacco range. I looked online and there are also a few reviews from the time they were released but nothing recent.

I will try to get maybe one of them and do a recipe and review here too. But nowadays even those tobacco flavors here are rarely discussed or included in any recipes. Now going even further back to around 2013 when vaping was becoming very mainstream capella had a short run of a dedicated line with tobaccos.

This is the only picture I could find from back then. This line included capellas medium, bold, smooth and true tobacco together also with a menthol tobacco offering. These look very interesting as flavors but unfortunately I never had the chance to try them.

If you have any experience with them leave us a comment with your opinion. And coming to the point of this video, it seems like capella is avoiding tobacco flavors or anything that can be resembled close to smoking.

They either might be afraid of the fda or maybe they just don’t want the stigma associated with vaping but in any case it seems like we won’t see a dedicated tobacco line from capella anytime soon unless things drastically change to a more positive public view on vaping.

Now to support these statements in a way I found a few other sources online discussing the matter. Here is a post on reddit from 3 years ago with someone bringing up the same concern about capella’s tobacco flavor being discontinued.

And last here is a unfortunate clickbait article from vice talking about people vaping straight capella flavors, and this is exactly the type of articles possibly scaring or other American based companies from venturing out to tobacco specific flavor lines.

Now if you had the chance to try any of the capella tobaccos either old or new leave us your thoughts about them in the comments. I will also have a follow up video on flavourarts tobacco offerings next week.

Thank you for watching and Ill see you again soon.


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