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Linx Blaze Wax Vaporizer Review

Linx Blaze Wax Vaporizer Review

What’s up guys, Matt from VapeFuse.com here. Back again helping to keep you up-to-date with the latest in herb vaping news and tech. Now, VapeFuse.com is of course, your one-stop shop around the world for all things herb vaping-related and this week is part of our content, I’m gonna be bringing you guys a concentrated review on the Linx Blaze.

Now, the Linx Blaze is the new 510 thread wax pen, that comes with two awesome innovative atomizers that I haven’t really seen around before. If you look at the packaging that comes in it, it’s all pretty stylish, it’s embossed of this geometric style logo, Linx.

And it’s sort of also featured on this handy carry pouch, that comes included with it. So, in the box it’s basically just the space for this carry pouch and opening up the pouch, you can see what this vape is all about.

So, it’s a pretty simple looking device from the outside, just a similar sort of aluminum body to a few of the wax pens, that we’ve seen before. But what’s awesome about this device as I mentioned is its atomizers.

It features a quartz and the ceramic bucket atomizer, referred to as the Linx Ace atomizer and the Linx Zero atomizer. And also underneath this handy magnetic top cap, you see the borosilicate glass mouthpiece.

So, this is adding to the terpeness of those atomizers. So just looking at the kit here and a little bit more detail. It’s got the separate atomizer and it comes equipped with the quartz and has the ceramic in the box.

It’s got this little five pin micro USB charging cable, a dabber, which is pretty cool it’s got a nice little ergonomic grip on the side for scooping and sort of laying flat as well without it rolling over and losing your concentrate.

And as well as this extra borosilicate glass mouthpiece, that screws directly into the top of the device. So this vape is super modular, as you see, just from taking off this magnetic cap, revealing the borosilicate mouthpiece, you can just unscrew that and through a metal filter screen in the base here, you can see the outset of the ceramic filter that goes inside this device.

So make sure that no wax is getting through the top of that mouthpiece from your inhaling and really it just gives you the best sort of experience possible when vaping. Removing that top filter screen, reveals the atomizer underneath.

Now, these atomizers are quite chunky and comparison to some others that I’ve come across. Most atomizers they’re literally just this little sort of one centimetre/ 1/2 inch gap, they screw into the top of the device.

These are quite chunky you know they’ve got a bit of power packed into them. Just looking at the ceramic halo atomizer here, you can see it’s a little bit different to most donut atomizers. So most of these donuts, have just sort of a ceramic ring around the outside that drops down into a little well, that lets you sort of a vape away any of that residual oil.

Now, I’m not that big on reclaimed being collected on my wax pens, sort of amounts to a lot more maintenance than usual. So, with the design of this Ace atomizer here, all the wax drops down to the bottom which features another ceramics convex screen, it helps to sort of get rid of any of that residual dabs.

So you’re really getting the most out of your concentrates and if you’re buying stuff like clear ice wax or anything that’s up to like the hundred dollars a gram mark, obviously, you are looking for sort of best bang for your buck, when it comes to wax vapes.

So, checking out the second atomizer now that’s what I’ve been gloving up the last few days. It’s the Quartz atomizer, has outstanding flavor, really super terpy. Now, most of the time with wax pens, it’s not really that sort of real flavorsome hard-hitting draw that you used to from like a Quartz Banger or something like that, but with this Quartz atomizer, the technology that they’ve put into it and the power and then 950 milliamp battery, really amounts to a massive hit.

I remember the first time I loaded this up, I was actually quite taken aback by the size of the vapor, that was emitted. So if you someone out there, that’s looking for a wax pen, that’s really going to live up to the reputation that you expect, the Linx Blaze is an awesome device for you.

For concentrate enthusiasts and connoisseurs, I’m really recommending this as a go to wax pen. Well, I do prefer to use my Quartz banger and dab rig and stuff at home, simply because of that, the whole experience.

I do really like using this on the go, it’s easy to load up with some wax in the morning. The atomizer is a really reasonably sized you can fit up to a 0.1 – 0.2 of a gram of concentrate in there. So if you’re looking at a whole day’s worth of really dabbing on the go these are awesome devices for that.

So as I said guys, this thing just runs of a simple 5 pin USB charger. So, if you go to Samsung charger or anything like that laying about in your car, it’s going to help to keep this thing loaded up on the go.

So, in terms of functionality, this thing’s super easy to use. Like most wax pens, you just click the thing five times and it’ll turn on. So that flashing LED there to indicate. The change in between temperature modes, this thing’s got 4 awesome temperatures so I usually, start at low to get those essential terps and bump it up a bit higher for a larger hit of wax.

To change temps, you just click three times and it’ll be indicated of what the color is. So starting at the base, we’ve got blue flicks into green, which flicks into orange and then it’s red at the top.

So I’m gonna hit this on orange and we’ll see what sort of clouds this thing emits… So, as you can see guys a fair bit of visible vapor off that first hit and the terpenes, even after a couple of solid charges of this thing, it’s still super rich.

I really can’t say too many more good things about the Linx Blaze only if you’re in the market for an awesome hard-hitting wax pen that doesn’t break the bank, check out what is referred to as the Tesla of wax pens, the Linx Blaze.

Thanks guys!


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