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LOGIC Compact vs VYPE ePod Review

LOGIC Compact vs VYPE ePod Review

the Logic Compact and that’s like a buck what’s a vape review without my shit falling out. What’s up my ducklings welcome back to my channel I am Fumb Duck and I welcome you to the coolest vape channel on the Internet.

Today’s review a typical gas station vape review we have the Vype ePod, we had the Vype ePen 3 and we got the Logic Compact. This thing looks like a beast actually kinda does look like the vype, I’ll be reviewing this today what I will also be doing is comparing a logic compact, the vype epod pro see the similarities and see which one is better.

Before I start this review if you want more vape reviews more unboxing’s and information on the latest and the hippest vapes subscribe down to my channel I promise you it will be worth it. Sooo the Logic Compact $20 device you can buy at most gas stations in Canada I believe I’m not sure if they have it in the states this is $20 the starter kit comes with a pod with 59 milligram pod which is pretty high it’s about 6% Nic.

Heard only good things about this so for 20 bucks I’m sure you can’t go wrong the vype was also $20 but I believe the kit itself is 10 now which is pretty good vapes are getting cheap it’s helping people quit smoking, unbelievable so I’m gonna unbox this beast.

Logic compact has the same amount of battery amperage as the vype ePod. It has 350 milliamps of battery logic compact prefilled pods are 1.7 milliliters in size the vype epod is about 1.9 milliliters, is very very close they’re very similar.

One looks a little different we’ll see side-by-side what they actually look like. When you open it it comes in a nice package nice design at the front and that it’s like a book look at that here’s the device it’s beautiful looking and you know what I love the packaging like this would want to make me quit smoking Packaging opens up like a book everything falls out of course because what’s a vape review without my shit falling out and my pod fell out too.

But that’s what it looks like inside and then the pamphlet just slides only this is insane Unbelievable! Comes with the device comes with the pod has its own branding on the pod comes with a custom charger the Vype ePod also has a custom charger it just magnetically goes on that’s the one thing I don’t like about these devices if you lose this charger you practically have to buy another device why not just make it a microUSB it’s so Universal it’s easy to carry around and easy to charge your device instead of carrying this custom garbage but hey whatever it’s $20 it’s a great device and I’m gonna compare them side-by-side look at that they look like the exact same device it’s insane this a little bit more square in the logic compact this is a little bit more cylindrical both have magnetic charges at the bottom both have connectors inside the devices very very similar product of course this has like a little black strip on the side which is kind of nice.

Has air holes on the side here for better ventilation. The cype has a green LED indicator that indicates this battery life this one has a white indicator the logic compact has a white indicator and that also starts to slowly dim down once the battery is low so they’re both very similar in mechanics as well.

What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pop out the logic pod. Just like that it looks kind of bigger than the vype ePod even though it’s not remove the silicone pop it in the device. Magnetically goes in and you just vape it, white LED indicator, this is really really strong I took a small puff it really is your preference I like the vype epods flavors they’re amazing probably a little bit cheaper than the Logic compact and again you can get these both at gas stations so that’s pretty sweet so what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna test the clouds for both these and see which one’s better which one have better flavor I’m gonna try the logic compact first we’re gonna see how big the clouds are Nic is really high I’m not used to 60 it’s good if you want to quit smoke cuz a lot of people that hack at cigarettes need something higher and Nic especially salt nic, now I’m gonna try the vype epod clouds, currently see much of the clouds in the vype epod, they’re very similar in cloud size the flavors are both very nice they both taste really good you could taste everything clouds are both decent for both devices so you could really really choose which ones better I personally like the vype epod like the thinness of the device how sleek it is I like the way the pod is formed and I obviously love the color.

The logic compact is good too if you want something quick and you want to get a gas station it’s also cheap for twenty dollars about 10 to 20 depending on where you go both great devices I like them both you could choose they both are pod systems and they’re both means of quitting smoking so I suggest any of them I’m gonna do my maxing out let’s see I can cough my brains out with this device trying.

Crying once again try both them at the same time, thank you my ducklings for tuning in to this week’s video and the comparison of the logic compact and the vype epod pro both excellent devices and thank you to my new subscribers new viewers for tuning in I’ll be posting every week Friday at 3 p.

m. Eastern Time and the lucky Wednesday at 3 p.m. Eastern Time videos and if you want more vape reviews and more vaping unboxing’s follow the most trendiest vapes subscribe down below to my channel and i’ll catch you guys soon fumb duck out.

I’m a juggler. Fumb Duck on the track I’m here to celebrate because I did something great yeah okay so all of you I’ve got a bunch of views


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