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Mango Cream Dream By Lemon Twist E-Liquids Official Review


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  1. Gentlemen please throw out an all time favorite vape juices video. I think a lot of peeps respect your expertise in the world of vaping and need your guidance in their future purchases.

  2. Always look for you dudes reviews on juice before I buy, always scroll down the search lookin for ya's, feel like you go the most in depth and I've rarely disagreed with your conclusion, you can tell there's some defo shills out there….seein as this is above a 7/10 😉 and I've been lookin for a good mango flavor (fuck naked 100 I cant deal with glass drippers in 2018, their mango is legit though + they too expensive compared to so many other brands) I'll be checkin this one out

    feel like I'd love to see some hardware reviews from you guys from time to time, whenever yall buy some new shit or w/e, this channel deserves more views/subs

    bois just know this shit is kept hella moist

    thanks for doin what you do though, this drunk aussie is rooting for you c*nts

  3. Guys I just got scoops by sovereign juice co and it's a bubble gum ice cream and a new flavor by milk plus which is a milk,salted caramel,and banana..check them out because it's bomb

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