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McIntosh Apple [1-Minute DIY Eliquid Recipe] Shake&Vape HighVG 70%

McIntosh Apple [1-Minute DIY Eliquid Recipe] Shake&Vape HighVG 70%

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. This time I have a quick 1 minute recipe with only 4 ingredients. You can make this as a shake and vape or let it steep for 5 days for a smoother taste. This is an apple based recipe, you can tell that by the fuji from flavorart being the main ingredient at 2.

5% and the pear as a side profile helping the apple flavor. This is a simple to make recipe and you can also make it without the acetyl parazyne if you don’t have any. It is just there as a flavor enhancer and provides a deeper depth to the flavors.

This eliquid is mixed at 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol with a very light dose of nicotine at 2mg. If you like apple recipes you have probably already tried fuji, this mix is a lighter apple tasting eliquid and tastes very close to a hookah flavor.

So it’s a small twist to a regular apple eliquid. I have included the recipe in the description. That’s all for this video. See you, next time.


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