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Meet My Girlfriend + Mini Forest Smoke Sesh

Meet My Girlfriend + Mini Forest Smoke Sesh

Look into the light! There is weed. And we’re gonna smoke it. Hey it’s Marvolo and I want you to meet my girlfriend. Hi I’m Catherine. Right now we are in the Umpqua National Forest at Trestle Creek Falls, so if you can’t hear us super well, it is because the waterfall is mighty and loud.

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you’ve probably already seen Catherine, and know that I have a girlfriend, but for those of you who do not follow me on other social media, this is my girlfriend.

And hopefully she’ll be in a lot more of my videos. So if you want to know anything about our relationship, how long we’ve been together, just those things in general, I thought that maybe you could leave questions down in the comments below, and in a couple weeks, we’ll come back out to the falls and do a smoke sesh Q and A at the falls together.

Oh god, I’m too stoned right now. And I’ve got my own Youtube channel, you can check it out in the link below, if she’ll be nice enough to put it down there. Of course! It’ll be there! I don’t really know that we have much to say right now, I was just really excited.

We’ve been discussing having her on my channel for a while, and it really just came down to when she was going to be comfortable being on my channel, and putting herself out there for a lot of people, because I know for me to sit down and talk to all 3,000+ of you is one thing, but for someone else, you know, it might not feel as comfortable.

My channel is talking about my transition, and I have been working on transitioning for…Oh my god, it’s like, a year, today or yesterday or something. Yeah, it’s like exactly a year since you realized you were transgender.

Holy Shit. I realized a year ago exactly! I am transgender, and I started transitioning, and I did it really subtly, and I finally just got on HRT 3 weeks ago, and it’s actually 3 weeks ago today. So I am starting my last week of the month.

And then I’ll be on 1 month soon. But yeah, to escape all the 4th of July craziness, we just got out to the forest, and we’ve just been smoking a bowl and relaxing, and we thought it’d be nice to have you guys join us for a little bit.

So I hope you all love my girlfriend as much as I do..well maybe not as much it’d be weird No. But like, maybe like a fraction of the amount that I do. Look into the light. There is weed! And we’re going to smoke it.

Let me zoom in. Now the kind people of the internet can see us. And the terrible ones too. Yeah. Did you say the terrible ones, or the terrible lens? Terrible ones. Oh. By the way, this little piece is called a bing.

Its name is Seadra, and of all the pieces I have, for whatever reason this one is my favorite. This is not your favorite. It’s in the top 3. Yeah, I was going to say, you do not like this more than Jirachi.

We will show you Jirachi eventually, but we cannot bring our expensive bongs to the woods. I mean we can, but that’s really really really scary. So much risk. I paid far too much for ohhh, for Jirachi and most of my other pieces for them to come into the woods.

Although maybe my Nobles would survive. I would love to use Venusaur out here for a shoot. That’d be really pretty. Ooooh your poor ass. I’ll kiss it better. You might say leaning back into this adorable pose for this shot exASSperates the problem.

AhahaOWWW. Hehe sorry! We forgot our tripod. We realized at the gas station, which was only 10 minutes from home. Way less than 10, like 3. Nonetheless, it was far too long to make the trip back to get the tripod.

The main reason that I didn’t want to go back and get it though is because I hate leaving the house, and then coming back in, and then leaving right away, because I feel like it lets my dogs down, and it breaks their little hearts, and I just can’t do that.

I feel too guilty. Oooh that was a nice hit on Seadra. It was. I don’t know, it would have been fine though, the dogs are all doped up for the holiday. Not that doped. They still need me. That’s true, you’re part of the pack all the time.

Hehe. Looking for that lighting though. Perfect. Ahhh! I swear the lighting was good when we started filming this. The sun moves. The sun isn’t the problem, it’s the patchiness caused by the branches.

It is very dead. Okay. Oh sure, give yourself the good lighting, and wash me out like tomorrow’s laundry. Alright, I know this lighting is really shitty, but we’re going to end this video now. If you want to see us talking a little bit more about our relationship, you can go check out a video we’re about to go film right now, up at a different waterfall.

I might be being raptured right now. Pretty sure. Well if you get raptured, we’re not going to make that video, but as long as you are not raptured, we’ll be making a video on Catherine’s channel. This light though.

And there will be a link down below. Sorry I’m being raptured I’m distracted. Thank you so much for watching. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up, and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already to stay updated for when I make new videos.

And go check out Catherine’s channel as well. Please. I love you guys, and I’ll see you again soon. Bye


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