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Mix Eliquid by Drops [Accurate DIY eJuice with Drops per ml]

Mix Eliquid by Drops [Accurate DIY eJuice with Drops per ml]

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. I’m John I Am a flavor compounder and today I have a very quick video on how to mix eliquids by drops. The method I am going to describe today is to be used if you are just making a mix on the go and want to be as accurate as possible without any equipment.

This method is accurate to about 0.25% when done with the same size bottles Im using. And what I mean about that is that there are a few different sizes of drops per volume, the standard size for a drop in a common plastic eliquid bottle like the ones Im using right here are different from the size of a drop in a glass dropper or in a medicinal equipment.

But I find most ingredients come in similar plastic bottles like these ones here. So I ran a test at 25degres Celsius 76Farenheit and here are the results, I will put them on the screen for you if you would like to write them down and I will go through them quickly to show you how much you can use for each ingredient if you want to make a quick mix just using drops.

So I will start with Vegetable glycerin if you have stored it in this bottles that I am using you will needs 29 drops to get 1ml. for propylene glycol will need a little more at 46 drops for 1ml since it’s a much thinner liquid.

Flavors have 2 different sizes usually, thin flavors like ry4 or fruit flavors are about 41drops per ml and thicker flavors like rum or chocolate are about 35 drops per ml. Now about nicotine, for 50mg of nicotine mixed in Propylene glycol you will need 40 drops per 1ml and 50 mg of nicotine mixed in Vegetable glycerin you will need 25 drops for 1 ml.

I also tested ethyl Maltol since it is a very common sweetener it came out to 36 drops for 1 ml. Now this measurement are for a general rule and will work in a pinch. Experiment to find your ratios if you like mixing by drops but for the most accurate way of mixing invest in to a microscale later on.

I hope this information helps you in anyway. That’s all I have for today, see you , next time.


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