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Mothers Milk by Suicide Bunny E Liquid Review

Mothers Milk by Suicide Bunny E Liquid Review

well guys welcome back to the vaporization reviews my name is Michael and today I’m going to be reviewing some liquids for you it’s from a UK vendor vape club Co UK now David who runs vape Club code got that better yeah he runs that place he got in contact with me I can speak to that he got in contact with me and basically he sent me some flavors to try now he has got a liquid from quite a few different companies around the world now he has got flavours from our let me just read out companies if I can read from here he’s got the e shisha the groove a juice hangsen suicide bunny which I’m sure most of you will have heard of vampire vape vapor lights and yeah so what he sent me is well he asked me what I would like to review and suicide bunny Mother’s Milk now everywhere I look I hear people there and I soon saw burning suicide Bernie suicide but you see us our bank so I had the chance to choose it and so I did basically what it is supposed to be is like a custard flavor with a hint of strawberry and the other one he sent me is from a company called vapor lights okay he sells the vapor light products in his shop I’ll also post a link in the description to the vapor lights website as well where you can go and check out all these flavors so I got the vanilla pod from there and obviously the suicide bunny Mother’s Milk now first I’ve got it loaded up in my still air dripper with my Miranda smart okay so first we’re gonna go with the mother’s milk I have six milligrams Nika teen now in a shop it does cost wait for it it costs 17 pounds 50 for a 30ml bottle yes it’s expensive but it’s all the rage it’s a really high-quality eliquid comes in glass bottles it doesn’t come with a dropper which I was I was a bit confused about considering the price I’ve got my own dropper in the top but yeah it doesn’t come with the topper which for that price you’d think that was but everybody raves about it and they still buy anyway so yeah so let’s go over the Mother’s Milk now if I am I am a custard sucker and I love my custard flavors and this one is awesome and so it should be for the price definitely an all-day wait for me yeah it’s got a really nice custard flavor on the inhale and then on the exhale it’s got a nice sweet fresh strawberry and it hasn’t fully steep chap usually do you did get it steeped but I think this was a fresh box made up is usually supposed to go like that like an apple an apple juice kind of dark color it is darkening up slowly but yeah I’m not gonna bake the rest of the bottle until it’s steeped but as it is now it is really really tasty really nice thick creamy vapor coming off it as well it’s got a really eggy custard with a with a strawberry into it so definitely definitely two thumbs up on that one yeah it is pricey but it’s worth it and believe me it’s worth it and I’ve heard the suicide Bunny all the Larry liquids are really really good quality as well but I did choose the mother’s milk cause that’s one that everybody raves about so we’ll put that one down I’ll pick up my nemesis with my quasar and we’ll try the vanilla for flavor from vapor lights now my favorite flavor is banana custard so I thought I would give the vanilla okay so let’s see what it’s like this is not percent nicotine and let’s go now again nice creamy vapor yeah it it just tastes like a vanilla custard but without the custard basically yes good probably not an all-day vote for me but definitely I do like it you can definitely taste it as a quality e-juice these ones are actually a lot cheaper I think is at 399 for the terminal bottles so yeah it does work out cheaper than the suicide Bunny but yet faster to choose out of the to the suicide bunny would be the one all day for me but I’m just going to go back to it yeah vapor production is quite a bit better on the suicide Bunny let me just check to see what the PG VG is on the this one doesn’t say but the suicide Bunny I’m pretty sure is 50/50 that suicide bunny Mother’s Milk yes so creamy just doesn’t want to stop coming out um so yeah I will put a link down in the description below where you can go and have a look at these eliquids but I definitely do recommend the mother’s milk by suicide bunny yeah that’s a vape club oh don’t you Kay yeah go and check it out I got so many different types of vendors not vendors companies ejuice that they do sell there let me see they’ve got like fruity vapes dessert vapes drink vapes food vapes they’ve got novelty vapors as well she’s got some weird flavors in there so yeah they cover pretty much every e-liquid category that you can you can think of so yeah that is it for me and I guess I’ll see you on the next one


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