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Mt Baker Vapor Beginner Coil Build

Mt Baker Vapor Beginner Coil Build

Hey there vape fans, it’s Zay here from MBV, and today we’re going to be giving you a little tutorial video on how to wrap just a standard coil. Today we’re going to be using an ohm reader. This is just going to show you the resistance of your coil once you’re done wrapping it.

I would definitely suggest always having one of these. You want to stay safe when you’re vaping. And that’s just the main point. You just want to stay safe when you’re vaping. Here we have the copper flagship, what we’re going to be using as our mod.

We have the Darkhorse RDA, what we’re going to be building on. We have our 24 gauge kanthal. We have our organic cotton right here. So right here we have the awesome UD build kit. It’s fantastic. When I first opened it, I was super stoked just because they have everything you need in here.

Right at the top you got your little handy dandy scissors. You can cut your cotton. They’re actually pretty sharp too for how tiny they are and compact. I like them a lot. Tweezers, as you always need to clamp down your coils to make sure that they’re very tight and heating up evenly.

Right here we have a jig. So you can wrap your coil around here. Or this side if you want. You’re going to have a very small coil if you wrap it with that side. Wire clippers! These things are very handy.

I’ve been using these a lot and I can’t get enough of them. So here you have your flathead and your phillips screwdriver that’s going to work with probably any RDA that you have. The first thing you want to do when wrapping a standard coil is get a good amount of kanthal out so you know how much you’re going to be needing.

I’d probably go with about 6 or 7 inches worth of kanthal just so you have enough. If I mess up, I already have pre-cut kanthal so I don’t have to keep going back and forth and back and forth. So, you want to just snip it right at the end.

And you have your kanthal. Boom! And it might not be straight, but it’s all good because it’s going to end up in a coil anyways. The tricky thing is when you’re wrapping coils you want to have them be tight together.

When I first started, they were disgusting. They were just bad. They were always bad. It definitely takes practice. How I do it: I just pinch it, the kanthal, between my index and thumb finger right around the screwdriver.

You want to make sure that you get a tight wrap for the first one. You don’t count that as your first one, because you’ll end up unwrapping that to make sure your coils are all even. So, we’ll go ahead with the first one.

We’re going to do 8 wraps. This is what your coil is going to look like once it’s all wrapped. It’s going to be a lot easier if you keep your coil on your screwdriver, or jig, and feed it into your RDA.

That way you can adjust and move it around while clamped in. Set that down. It’s a lot easier to get your RDA cap off if it’s screwed into the mod itself. Sweet! So we can go ahead and open up two post holes if you’re doing a single coil build.

You’re going to want to feed it in with the longer lead to the right and the shorter lead through the middle. This just works a lot easier for me. Other people do it different ways. To each their own.

You want to get it pretty close, not touching the deck or the post screws itself because it will short out. Hold the coil in place with your thumb and tighten down the right lead first and you can then adjust the coil.

Make sure it’s in a nice spot. Tighten down the middle post and adjust it. If you want to center it it will give you a lot better vape production. I like centering all my coils. It’s how I’ve done it since I first started and that’s just how I like doing it.

Once you’re situated and you like where your coil is at make sure that your leads are tightened down all the way so you’re not getting any wrong readings. Clip your leads off. Be careful, these will shoot back and hit you.

Now that we have the coil installed, we’ll put it on the ohm reader to make sure the resistance isn’t too low, and we can test for shorts if there are any. Put it on the side that has the resitance emblem on there.

Make sure it’s down tight enough and making a connection. Turn it on. And it will read .5 You should be fine right there. If you want to build it up a bit it will be perfect, but this will be a nice flavor build.

It’s going to be delivering everything you need from your vape. Once you have that you’re going to want to heat it up just till it gets red, and then clamp it down with the tweezers. Make sure it is heating up from the inside out, evenly.

The coil works better that way. You don’t want your vape to be off, or your coil to be doing anything it shouldn’t. If it’s heating up from the inside out that’s how you know your coil is going to be just fine.

…and we’re good. Heating up really nicely! And just so you can see it heating up. So now what you’re going to want to do is get your cotton out. And like I said, this build kit is awesome. It has everything you need to jump into it and get going.

Like I said the scissors come in handy, having everything right there and ready to go. You don’t want to cut off a huge strip when you’re cutting the cotton because it won’t fit into your RDA, or your coil.

So just cut off a little bit. If you need more you can always redo that and grab more cotton. And what I usually do I’ll set it in my hand and roll it till it gets pretty thin. Twist the ends. And feed it right through your coil.

That’s what it’s going to look like once you get your cotton fed through the coil. You want to make sure that your cotton is tight but not super tight or it will not vape right. And you don’t want excess cotton because it will overflow, you’ll get too much juice, and it will not fit in the deck properly.

So cut off the extra. And what I do is I tuck the cotton under the coils and I try to keep it directly away from under the coil. That’s where your airflow is going to come, I’ll get to that in a second.

I want to let you know once you are tucking it in to not block your airflow. So that’s what it’s going to look like once it’s all done. You can go ahead and drip whatever juice you’re going to be using.

Right now we have a custom PB&J flavor. It’s really good. It’s really good. Tastes exactly like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Once you have your juice on your cotton you can go ahead and fire it.

It’s going to start going. I usually fire it a couple of times to make sure it’s heating up properly and burning the juice like I want. And you can go ahead and drip more juice on there to make sure you’re not going to be vaping a dry wick.

Alright! And make sure the cotton is not tucked directly under the coil because it will stop some of your airflow. And so what I do with the Dark Horse, you can see that it has this huge gap right here.

I’ll put that directly in front of the coil. So your airflow is going to come through this hole, under the coil and straight up the mouth piece. That is what it’s going to look like. Throw your airflow ring back on over the top and tighten down your top cap.

And you are ready to go! Alright vape fans that’s it! Today we went over the single coil, 24 gauge 8 wrap build. And it ended up awesome! If you enjoyed today’s video go ahead and like, comment, subscribe and as always, vape for your own life!


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