Home Product Reviews Mt. Baker Vapor – Vanilla Ice Cream 6MG MAX VG E-Liquid Review

Mt. Baker Vapor – Vanilla Ice Cream 6MG MAX VG E-Liquid Review

Mt. Baker Vapor – Vanilla Ice Cream 6MG MAX VG E-Liquid Review

hey everyone welcome back to fact or reviews today we’ve got an e liquid review for you it’s gonna be from a company called Mountain Baker vapor blue cap kind of gives it away this is the vanilla ice cream flavor six milligrams max VG no flavor shots anyways I’ve had this flavor before I’ve got some good steep time on this let’s go on ahead and take a vape off of it and check those flavors mmm it’s good I’m running this off a kanger subtank with the RBA fun RBA attachment with a single macro coil 26 gauge Kanthal running at one point 3 ohms of IP v2 at 20 Watts flavors I’m getting is a real nice sweet cream and milky flavor with that nice crisp vanilla that comes to it really just smooths it over it’s a very smooth rich flavor let’s go and take a deep pull this and see how that six milligrams nicotine feels deep down throat hit it comes in real nice and smooth it just kind of builds up the deeper the pull it’s real nice it’s real smooth let’s go on take a pull this and take it out through the nose and see if the flavors change it almost becomes a vanilla custard coming out to the nose you get those custard notes coming through that real rich intense custard flavor vanilla comes through a lot more and that it’s more of a heavy cream that comes through drops that heavy milkiness brings that nice cream in it is very very nice anyway guys this has been the vanilla ice cream flavor from Mountain Baker vapor doing thing it’s missing is the coolness of ice cream itself very good flavor give it a try and as always don’t forget to give a thumbs up subscribe until next time we’ll see you guys on the next one


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